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Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire (Windows)

Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire Screenshots

Windows version

The new and "improved" Wildfire menu.
Association of International Mercenaries (AIM) - Here you can recruit the best mercs around.
Institute for Mercenary Profiling (IMP) - Here you can create your own "character merc". This is of course optional.
The main map interface isn't changed much from that of Jagged Alliance 2.
Every time you enter a new town area, some of your Arulco mercenaries may provide information on the location
Indoor graphics and textures get a significant overhaul.
Nails demonstrates one of the new "real" weapons.
The enemy's stun grenade decimates my squad!
Most tiles are much less barren than they were before. For instance, here is where a family of famers live...erm...lived.
At Bobby Ray's you can shop for weapons and other useful items online. Shipping is quite expensive and items are limited and not so up-to-date.
List of weapons at Bobby Rays.
M.E.R.C. - The A.I.M. wannabe. The list of mercs available here are somewhat terrible.
Your mercenary profile. Here you can view your mercs, stats and skills.
Mercenary to hire - Fidel
Quiz to make own character.
First dead body.
Searching in the buildings
locate the mercenaries.
Battle on the village
Arulco database
Next enemy to kill. And... my turn ;)