Jamestown: Legend of the Lost Colony Credits

Final Form Games is

DesignTimothy Ambrogi, Michael Ambrogi, Halsted M. Larsson
EngineTimothy Ambrogi
ChieftainTimothy Ambrogi
ArtMichael Ambrogi
SoldierMichael Ambrogi
GameplayHalsted M. Larsson
ShamanHalsted M. Larsson
MusicFrancisco Cerda (FOCD)
MasteringGregorhy Carreno
GuitarDaniel Aguirre
SoundsJustin Mullens, Dain Saint, Mason B. Fisher
WritingMichael Ambrogi, Halsted M. Larsson, Timothy Ambrogi
Level DesignMichael Ambrogi, Halsted M. Larsson, Timothy Ambrogi
Gameplay CodingTimothy Ambrogi, Halsted M. Larsson
ClosersNate Adams (natebase.com; ...for being our first intern; creating bonus levels; QA testing; and running countless playtests.), Morgan Earl (morganadamalso.wordpress.com; ...for pushing many; many pixels that Mike couldn't; and pushing them well.), Winona Nelson (winonanelson.com; ...for the box art; and too many other reasons to count. She is an art goddess; and we owe her our allegiance.), Anthony Palumbo (anthonypalumboillustration.com; ...for illustraing the story of Jamestown beautifully; and also very; very quickly. It lives and breathes by his hand!), Andy Muto (andrewmuto.com; ...for carrying our trailer across the finish line when all seemed los.), Craig Sylvester (craigsylvester.com; ...for cramming 24 hours of quality artwork into the 11th hour.), Billy Nickey (totallyrobot.net; ...for grappling with cursor designs that Mike couldn't bear to face again.)
Artists (Closers)Morgan Earl, Anthony Palumbo, Craig Sylvester, Billy Nickey
Intern (Closers)Nate Adams
Bonus Levels (Closers)Nate Adams
Box Art (Closers)Winona Nelson
Trailer (Closers)Andy Muto
Legal + FacilitiesDaniel Gibbon (Contract Wrangler and Lawyer for the Stars)
All the wonderful people at Larsson and Scheuritzel to whose generosity we owe our very existence. Long may they reign:David Larsson, Paul Scheuritzel, Diane Burkhardt, Aaron G. Stock, Bissy Larsson, Anne Larsson, Spence Toll, Michele Langer, Justin Miller, Joan Hooke
Brain TrustMatthew Ambrogi, Chris Cornell, Jim Crawford, Jason Earp, Jesse Driscoll, Morgan Earl, Brandon Foster, Scott Kennedy, Jordan Patz, Shelley Persing, Nicholas Ray (Indy), Eric Seideman, Luke Zulauf, Jason Connell
PlaytestersJosh Loomis, Aaron Chapin, Richard Mukalian, Acepumpkin, Bissy Larsson, David Larsson, Matthew Ambrogi, Robert Ambrogi, Kathleen Ambrogi, Nicholas Ray (Indy), Robert Douglass, Leah Min, Benjamin Bigger, Edward Bernard Mijnders Terchunian, Kenneth Oum, Jordan Santell, Casey Thomasson, Nate Adams, Francisco Cerda, William Stallwood, Dain Saint, Clayton Montgomery (Monkeybot), Grant Shonkwiler, Jeff Mann, Chris Cornell, David Hellman, Andrew Davis, Terry Cathopoulis, Erin Rickard, Mark Fanslav, Brant Steen, Jennifer Wong, Craig Steen, Peter Schaefer, Sam Ogami, Gorette Amaral, Henry Pootel Piglet, Wes Brock, David Raber, Nick Bruty, Scott Guest, Tyson Roberts, Lyson Boberts, Conor Schaefer, Matt Scheuritzel, Theo Daley, Kale Good, John Connor, Kent Pasquino, Solomon Lutze, Ken Grafals, April Stavely, Matt Troup, Ron Carmel, Alexander Bruce, Ichiro Lambe, Leo Jaitley, Farbs, Jim Crawford, Louis Gorenfeld, Dawn Burnell, Jason Earp, Ian R. Slutz, D. Evan Champlin, Rachael Knight, Scott Kennedy, Brian Provinciano, Nick Johnnides (The Greek), Jason Connell, Jim Crawford, Morgan Earl, Eric Hall, Scott Anderson, Luke Zulauf, Jordan Patz, Jesse Driscoll, Eric Seideman, Brandon Foster, James Weissinger, Jennifer Bazydlo, Lucy Saxon, Sara Primo, Michelle Persing (Shelley), Maxim Dmitri Popel, Craig Sylvester, Nick Whiting, Daniel Jung, Peter Ellis, Aaron Isaken, Jonathan Demos, David Palumbo, Tyrone Rodriguez, Daniel Miller, Justin Treadway, Thea Steele, Andrew Sloskey, Josh Goldston, Erick Ward, Sean Blanda, Simon Nelson, Julio Cerda, Ilan Isakov, Russell Pagano, Marc Blinder, Spencer Weaver, Jake Comer, John Bizzarro, Robert White, Andrew Hull, Chris Osborn, Brian Cronin
The Once and Future KingsMorgan Earl, Jim Crawford, Nate Adams, Brandon Foster
The Side‑QuestersBenjamin Bigger, Edward Bernard Mijnders Terchunian
Third Party SoftwareLVA, OpenGL, OpenAL, Box3D, Ogg Vorbis, RapidXML, LodePNG, Nedmalloc, Steamworks
Lua 5.1 Copyright 1994-2011Lua.org, PUC‑Rio
libogg libvorbis Copyright 2011Xiph.org Foundation
Special ThanksJennifer Bazydlo, Sara Primo, Lucy Saxon, The Larsson Clan, The Ambrogi Clan, Primo Hoagies of Center City, Monk's Cafe, Nodding Head Pub, All our friends‑and-relations, Tyrone Rodriguez, Brant Steen, John Dougherty, Ron Carmel, Party Room Five, Kyle Ellrott, The Marathon Palace, Cave, Treasure, Takumi, The Great City of Philadelphia, ...AND YOU!

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Credits for this game were contributed by Patrick Bregger (194487)