Advertising Blurbs

Print advertisement - PC Player 06/1998:


    Sie rasen durch den Himmel, schneller als der Schall und das 300 Fuß über dem gegnerischen Territorium. Tempo bedeutet Überleben, der kleinste Fehler das Ende. Fliegen Sie eines der gefährlichsten Flugzeuge der US Air Force, entwickelt vom Jane's Expertenteam, ausgerüstet mit realistischen USAF-Daten und getestet von USAF-Piloten. Fliegen Sie - im Einzel- oder Mehrspieler-Modus - knallharte Einsätze durch den gesamten Luftraum in einer der derzeit authentischsten Flugsimulationen. JANES: F-15: Die totale Luftüberlegenheit.

    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (184128) on Apr 28, 2010.

Box back cover :
    Take to the skies in the fastest most versatile combat aircraft serving in the world today. The F-15 Eagle is and all-weather tactical fighter designed to wipe out ground targets whilst gaining and maintaining air superiority in any situation. Its extreme maneuverability and top speed exceeding Mach 2 have helped the F-15 to achieve a confirmed kill ratio of 65-0 - it has never lost a dogfight.

    Feel the intensity of raw speed

    Hug the ground at breakneck speed of scream above the clouds at 50,000 feet. You'll feel every G with the F-15's revolutionary flight model.

    Up and flying in 5 minutes

    Instant action includes simplified controls to ensure quick access to your first kill. Intuitive training missions will have you flying like an ace in no time. Adjustable levels of realism and difficulty provide gameplay balance for all players.

    Incredible technology

    F-15 breakthrough graphics engine delivers lightning-fast performance. Stunning visual effects include true lightning and shadows, crisp night vision, glowing swarms of tracer fire, dissipating smoke trails, translucent clouds and jaw-dropping terrain.

    Total cockpit immersion

    Maintain optimal situation awareness with a free-panning, 3D-virtual cockpit or jump into the back seat and neutralize targets as the weapons system officer. Innovative point and click multi-purpose displays are exact replicas of actual F-15E cockpits.

    Unparalleled combat realism

    With mid-air refueling, smart bomb camera views, intense radio chatter, advanced AI and more than 30 accurate weapons systems, F-15 gives you exactly the level of realism you'd expect from Jane's and multi-award-winning producer Andy Hollis.

    Wage your own war.

    Compete with other player in head-to-head multiplayer battles over the internet, modem, network or serial connections. Design missions and share them with your friends with F-15's powerful mission builder.

    Real battles - Real Squadrons

    F-15 intense battle campaign includes dozens of action-packed sorties over the volatile Persian Gulf region. Missions cover nearly 3 million square miles of mountain, desert, urban and ocean terrain.

    Contributed by Toni Oinas (820) on Jul 05, 2002.

Computer Gaming World, March 1998:

    The sky is your playground. Be the bully.

    Jane's F-15 puts you behind the stick of military aviation's most lethal strike fighter. This Desert Storm champion took out 36 bridges, destroyed 48 SCUD missiles, and laid waste to nearly 500 armored vehicles. Now, Jane's has modeled every aspect of the fearsome F-15 with precision, from the advanced targeting systems to the 12 tons of destructive fury riding its belly. Strap yourself in and pick a fight.

    Contributed by Adam Baratz (1487) on Nov 10, 2001.