Jane's Combat Simulations: F-15 Credits


Executive ProducerAndy Hollis
Producer/DirectorGreg Kreafle
Lead DesignerMichael J. McDonald
Lead ProgrammerJohn Paquin
Art DirectorMax D. Remington III
Programming -- graphics, simulation architectureJohn Paquin
Programming -- systems architecture, mission builderMichael J. McDonald
Programming -- Flight equations, avionics, cockpit systemsGreg Kreafle
Programming ‑‑ AI simulationScott Elson
Programming -- Avionics, cockpit systemsJerry McKee
Programming -- Wraper systems architectureJohn Dugan
Programming - Multiplayer, avionicsDavid McKibbin
Programming -- 3DFX graphics, simulation systemsTom Whittaker
Programming -- User interface, wrapper systemScott D. Ramsay
Lead Artist, video and rapper artTerrence Hodge
3D art, objectsMax D. Remington III
Cockpits, wrapper artErroll Roberts
World visualization, texture generationTodd Brizzi
Campaigns, missions, wrapper architectureMichael J. McDonald
Campaigns, missions, avionics, simulation researchChris Martin
SimulationJohn Paquin
Behaviors simulationScott Elson
Mission design, simulation researchReece Thornton
Training missionsGraham Wood
Alias animationCarol Roberts, Paul Stankiewicz, Chris Yesh
3D objectsVincent Lin, Janet Oh
Aerodynamics consultationTsuyoshi Kawahito
Administrative GoddessAlison Harmatuk
Audio ProductionJason Cobb, Stretch Williams
Video Concept, composition, editingTerrence Hodge
Video post‑productionTyson Culver, Jay Mahavier
Video capture, compresionJeni Day
Product ManagerPatrick Bradshaw, Christopher Plummer
Marketing AssistantMatt Orlich
Media RelationsKristen McEntire, Teresa Potts, David Swofford
Internet Product ManagerMichel McCoy
PackagingCatherine Cantieri
DocumentationTuesday Frase, Greg Kreafle, Chris Martin, Jennifer Spohrer, Melissa Tyler
Documentation LayoutCatherine Cantieri
Localization ManagerDominique Iyer
Project Lead TranslationFrank Dietz
German TranslationFrank Dietz, Ruth Germann-Ford, Kai Leibert, Christina Vollmer
Freelance translators (German)Thomas Bosch
French TranslationJean-Luc Chabrier, Jean-Claude Ducerf, Elizabeth Joffrain
Freelance translators (French)Fabrice Collin, Olivier Desanti, Nathalie Segneuret
QA SupervisorEvan Brandt
QA Project LeadersScott Loyd, Jeffrey Kennedy Morris, Lance Stites
TestersTimothy Bell, Dustin Cryer, Christopher D. Errett, Brian Hotaling, Kenny Hott, Monte Mathis, Brandon Paul Salinas, Rhea Shelley, Dee R. Starns, Paul Vaden, Rand Van Fossen, Todd Wachhaus
Additional testersMack Fair, Jeff Janczak, Grant McDaniel, Gabe Nickelson, Myque Ouellette, Kent Raffray, Adam Richardson, Mike Sanchez
Customer Service LiaisonTodd Swannack
Manager Internet DevelopmentDavid Kozlowski
Internet Project ManagerBobby Lew
Web DeveloperMarty Weil
Web Production DesignerIan Loyd
Special ThanksWilliam Blake, Crystal Henderson, Sean Long, Linda Smith, Sally Velthaus, George Wargo

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kasey Chang (4620)