Jane's Combat Simulations: F-15 (Windows)

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The flight model has been taken directly from US Air Force F-15 simulator.


There is a patch available that allows F-15 to run on Direct3D accelerators. The "native" version only supports GLIDE (3DFX).


The F-15 graphics engine was later used in the EA budget title Fighter Pilot.

Special Edition

There was an Officer's Edition release of this game, which contains the game plus:
  • A frame quality 11"x14" photo of a fully armed F-15E in flight.
  • An actual government issue Jet Navigational Chart of the Middle East that measures 42"x57.5".
  • A F-15E cloth patch.
  • A picture book of F-15E images on mailable postcards.
  • A 18" x 12" box to hold all this
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