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Jane's Combat Simulations: Longbow 2 (Windows)

Critic Score
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
User Score
5 point score based on user ratings.

Jane's Combat Simulations: Longbow 2 Credits


Executive ProducerAndy Hollis
ProducerWill McBurnett
Associate ProducerKevin Kushner
Art DirectorPaul Stankiewicz
Multiplayer, AI, Flight Models, Dynamic CampaignTsuyoshi Kawahito
Multiplayer, Gameflow ProgrammingSteven Muchow
3D‑Graphics EngineBrent Oster
Mission Planner Design&ProgrammingClark Janes
3‑D/Miscellaneous ProgrammingJoe Enzminger, Todd Fiala
Cockpit Avionics/Miscellaneous ProgrammingWill McBurnett
Lead DesignerTsuyoshi Kawahito
Campaign/Mission DesignMike Francis
Mission DesignGraham Wood
Training MissionsKevin Kushner
Lead Realtime 3‑D ArtistVincent Lin
3‑D Object CreationJanet Oh
Alias Animator Brian Smith, Gary McElhaney, Carol Roberts, Paul Stankiewicz, Chris Yesh
Modem ProgrammingWilliam Randolph
Install ProgrammingJeff Wofford
Audio DirectorJason Cobb
Original MusicJoe Basquez
Guitar Joe Basquez, Stretch Williams
News JinglePaul Baker, George Oldziey
Music Recording/EditingJoe Basquez, Bill Munyon
Music MixingMat Mitchell, Bill Munyon
Sound Design/EditingJason Cobb
Re‑recording/MixingJason Cobb, Stretch Williams
Dialog RecordingJason Cobb, Kirk Winterrowd
Dialog EditingJason Cobb, Kevin Kushner, Hal Milton, Mat Mitchell, Kirk Winterrowd
CG to Tape EngineerTyson Culver, Jay Mahavier
Audio Producer/Tutorial Script WritingKevin Kushner
Script SupervisionMike Francis, Kevin Kushner
Script WritingMike Francis, Tsuyoshi Kawahito, Graham Wood
German SynchronisationHighlight Tonstudios; Hamburg
CastDavid Arnsberger (Armor), Jim Bob Howard (Howard Armor), Tom Byrne (Air Support), George Cantu (Wingman), Debra Cole (Black Hawk Pilot), Richard Darby (Armor), Doug Forrest (Co-Pilot/Gunner/Air Support), Jim Grisham (LRSU), Larry Guillot (Team Helicopter Pilot), Peter Harrell (Black Hawk Flight Instructor), David Hawkins (Armor), Kathy Henshaw (ABCCC), Keith Kelly (FARP), Enoch Lawrence (Wingman), Ev Lunning Jr. (Longbow Flight Instructor), John Meadows (Air Defense), Marco Perella (Team Helicopter Pilot), Rick Perkins (Artillery), Joe Stevens (Signal), Roger Young (Air Defense/Air Support)
In‑Cockpit VoiceChristine Francis
QA SupervisorEvan Brandt
Project LeaderCourtney McMillan
Assistant Project LeaderMyque Ouellette
Directer of Studio ServicesKay Gilmore
TestersKip Coddington, Mack Fair, Scott Loyd, Monte Mathis, Jason McGee, Kent Raffray, Dee R. Starns, Lance Stites, Rand Van Fossen, Robert Windisman
Product ManagerChristopher Plummer
Media RelationsTeresa Potts, David Swofford
Package Design Origin Creative Services
Documentation Tuesday Frase, Chris W. McCubbin, Jennifer Spohrer
EditingDavid Ladyman
Documentation Design and ProductionOrigin Creative Services
Specification and articlesJane's Information Group, Marian Sullivan
Web TeamMartin De La Rosa, David Kozlowski
Translations ManagerDominique Iyer
German TranslatorsFrank Dietz, Kai Leibert, Christina Vollmer, Monika Lettner-Rose, Stephan Lips
French TranslatorsJean-Luc Chabrier, Jean-Claude Ducerf, Alain Thomas
LayoutOrigin Creative Services
Special ThanksJane's Information Group, Marian Sullivan, Sally Velthaus

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Credits for this game were contributed by Toni Oinas (814), Michael Francis (3) and formercontrib (159530)