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Jane's Combat Simulations: U.S. Navy Fighters '97 (Windows)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

Jane's Combat Simulations: U.S. Navy Fighters '97 Credits


Designer/Lead ProgrammerBrent Iverson
Executive ProducerPaul Grace
ProgrammingScott Cronce, Nicholas Fullagar, Jeff A. Lefferts, Kirk MacLean, Duncan Meech
Technical DirectorScott Cronce
Associate ProducersEd Gwynn, Steven Matulac
Assistant ProducerPhil Engstrom
WritingDavid Luoto
ScenariosPhil Engstrom, Frank Gibeau, Jeff Glazier, Ed Gwynn, David Luoto, Steven Matulac
Art DirectorBrad Pollard
Lead ArtistNicholas Corea
Graphic ArtistsLaura R. Bowen, Chuck Eyler, Ian House, Alyson Markell, Gary Martin, David A. Mosher, Steven G. Peterson, Michael Shirley
Jane's CinematicPaul Stankiewicz
Jane's Cinematic Music and FoleyPaul Baker, Stan Neuvo
Special ThanksDoug Gordon, Jane's Information Group, James M. Finlaw, Lance Stites, Reece Thornton, Graham Wood
Music and Sound EffectsGeorge Alistair Sanger
MusicDavid Govett, Joe McDermott, K. Weston Phelan, George Alistair Sanger
Sound EffectsAdam Holzman
VoicesTom Bao (Vietnamese Pilot), Team Fat
Additionial MusiciansJon Bondell (bass), Tommy Taylor (drums)
Additionial Sound EffectsTony Berkeley
Additionial Sound ProgrammingJim Sproul
Additionial Sound EditingDavid Whittaker
Video ProducerBing Bingham
Video NarrationTom McKeon
Audio StudioBingham Entertainment Studio
Video Editing and AssemblyMurray Allen, Bob Artell, Steve Constantino, Mark W. Day, Shelly Dunning, Marc Farley, Eric Kornblum, Michael Marsh, Jerry Newton, Constantino Film And Video Productions
CastChopper Bernet, Steven Brown, Joey Chase, Russ Christoff, Tom Dryden, Rob Gnapp, Liisa Ivary, Robin Joss, Karen Kahn, Joe Lucas, Sean Skelton, Leslie Stevens, Edward Trucco, Michael Wright
Voice‑OversPeter Callender, Tom Chantler, Rob Gnapp, Cheryl Hedges, Karen Kahn, Jarion Monroe, Joe Paulino, Bruce Robertson
Footage Courtesy ofABCNEWS VideoSource
Recorded voice for Vietnam CampaignJarion Monroe
Project LeaderCourtney McMillan
Assistant Project LeaderGrant McDaniel
Lead TesterKirk Watson
TestersNeal Daugherty, Mack Fair, Lucas Howard, Bob Lionel, Scott Loyd, E. J. Moreland, Jeffrey Kennedy Morris, Christian Primozich, Drei Rendsland, Michael Sanchez, Brent Schrantz, Greg Wilson
Hardware Lab TechJohn Prindle
Customer Service LiasonChristopher D. Errett
QA SupervisorEvan Brandt
Director of Studio ServicesKay Gilmore
Product Support SupervisorsMichelle Lindner, Brian Wachhaus, Marie Williams
Translations ManagerDominique Iyer
German Translation and TestingFrank Dietz, Kai Leibert, Monika Lettner-Rose, Stephan Lips, Christina Vollmer
French Translation and TestingJean-Luc Chabrier, Sandra Molinari, Monique Quirk, Dan Taillefer
Documentation WritersJennifer Spohrer, Melissa Tyler
Documentation EditorDavid Ladyman
Manual Design and LayoutSusan Bednar
Documentation Design&LayoutLisa Goodrich
Documentation IllustrationAdrian Bourne, Catherine Cantieri, Wendi Dunn, Lisa Goodrich, Jennifer Spohrer, Lisa Undercoffler
SpecificationsJane's Information Group, Crystal Henderson, Sally Velthaus, Allison Vollmer
Package Art DirectionNancy Waisanen
Package Design 13th Floor
Package PhotographyErik Hildebrandt
Package Airplane ArtworkSquadron/Signal Publications
Product Managers Frank Gibeau, David Zemke

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Credits for this game were contributed by Toni Oinas (814) and formercontrib (158686)