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Jane's Combat Simulations: WWII Fighters (Windows)

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Jane's Combat Simulations: WWII Fighters Credits


Lead EngineerKen Allen
EngineeringCleve Cheng, Nicholas Fullagar, Scott Gallardo, Yuji Higaki, Al Khorasani, Jason Micklewright, Brian Morgan, Dennis Ortiz, James Patrick
Engineering InternsKristin Higaki, Joe Kwan, Andy Taylor
Additional EngineeringSteven Coallier, Kirk MacLean, Ted Nguyen, Clay Welch
Lead ArtistsNicholas Corea, Chuck Eyler
AircraftIan House, Gary Martin, David A. Mosher
TerrainKent Brisley, Adrianne M. Canfil, Terry Fowler, Ian House, Steven G. Peterson, Brian Steffel, Richard Wong
Ground VehiclesKent Brisley, John Brown, Ian House
User InterfaceGary Martin, Steven G. Peterson
StructuresSteve Peterson, John Brown
MuseumChuck Eyler, Jem Geylani
Art Special EffectsChuck Eyler
IllustrationsAdrian Bourne
Campaign DesignDavid Luoto
Mission Design LeadNathan Cummins
Mission DesignersChris Bennett, Phil Engstrom, Martin Johnson, Ron Lauron
Project LeaderBeth Comstock
Assistant ProducersPhil Engstrom, John Williams
Art DirectorTerry Fowler
ProducerSteven Matulac
Technical DirectorNana Wallace
V.P. of Technology & ProgrammingScott Cronce
Executive ProducerPaul Grace
Audio EngineeringJim Sproul
Audio DirectorRob Hubbard
Authentic Aviation Sounds Provided byThe Air Museum, Aircraft Records
Music Don Veca
Sound EffectsMarc Foley, Charles Stockley
Museum Curator VoiceJarion Monroe
Acting / VoiceoversJohn Champion, Toby Gleason, Tim Glenn, Tim Glenn, Roger Labon Jackson, Tobias Lelle, Nico Macoulis, Jarion Monroe, Terence McGovern, Jacob Riedl, Frank Röth, Joe Shackel, Michael Singer, Kai Taschner, Manfred Trilling
Production StudioDigital Ranch
Video ProducerRob Lihani
NarratorBill Ratner
Media Content ManagerDavid Luoto
ConsultationC. E. Bud Anderson
AnimationChuck Eyler, Jem Geylani
EditingMichael Marsh
SoundKen Fulton
Jane's IntroJoel Symmes
Original Jane's IntroPaul Stankie
Product Marketing ManagerPatrick O'Loughlin
Product ManagerJonathan Harris
Marketing AssistantDavid Bonacci
Media RelationsKristen McEntire, Jeane Wong
ManualIncan Monkey Gods Production, Tuesday Frase
Play GuideYuri Hospodar
Documentation QAJay Miller
Documentation Design/LayoutCorinne Mah
Localization ManagerAtsuko Matsumoto
Translation LiaisonDavid Luoto
German TranslationFrank Dietz
Testing ManagerKurt Hsu
Testing LeadNathan Cummins
PlaytestingGreg Garman, James Grandt, Scott Parker, Stormy Strong, Robert Walker
German PlaytestingManuel Bertrams, Bernd Niemitz, Markus Westerholz
Quality Assurance SupervisorJoel Knutson
Quality Assurance TestersGabriel Gils Carbó, Benjamin Crick, Jamil Dawsari, Bobby Joe, Todd Manning, Jay Miller
Hardware LabDoug Chin, David Koerner, Brian Winslow
German Quality AssuranceSascha Mairesse, Markus Weise
Special Thanks ToRichard Clark, Brent Iverson, Michel McCoy, Pat Silva, Linda Smith (Jane's Information Group), Norman Wong

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