Written by  :  Sir Gofermajster (493)
Written on  :  Aug 26, 2008
Rating  :  4.75 Stars4.75 Stars4.75 Stars4.75 Stars4.75 Stars

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One new character. One new episode. Many hours fulfilled with happiness.

The Good

Now you can once again blast armies of turtles, but this time you can choose a new character - Lori. She has ability of use "ear-copter" like Jazz, and she can punch her enemies like Spaz. You also get a whole new episode and a PLENTY of user-made levels (most of them are multiplayer levels). In this new episode, called "The Secret Files" (abbreviated to "TSF") you will fight in haunted house, city (not this Victorian city from "Jazz 2"!) and land of (probably) never-ending easter. Of course new music is included.

The Bad

The same things as in original "Jazz 2" - small screen size, problems with wall clipping, but there comes one more: "TSF" allows levels with bigger tileset (tileset is a image, which contains elements used to construct levels), so these level are unplayable in regular "Jazz 2". And these "easter" levels look like "carrotus" levels, but they are colored differently.

The Bottom Line

If you enjoyed "Jazz Jackrabbit 2", you will also like this one. These new levels are very fun to play. And, of course, multiplayer is allowed, so play it with your friends! And don't forget to make breaks to eat and toilet ;)