Written by  :  Fa ke (5)
Written on  :  Jul 10, 2003
Platform  :  Windows
Rating  :  4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars
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One of the best games on the PC.

The Good

Jazz Jackrabbit 2, as a playable game, is perfect. You can play it for years and still not get particularly tired. With the abilities to make your own levels, tilesets, and combine events in ways never thought of before, an endless stream of originality can come forth from all players. Internet play, network play and splitscreen (the third of which can be tacked on to either of the others) increase lastability so much, I do not doubt the game will still be going strong in three more years.

The Bad

Despite the quality of the game, JJ2 has all too many bugs, which become more and more noticable the more you play. So many, in fact, it's not really possible to list them all. Events stop generating, events don't work, bosses fly out of the level, coins turn into gems, trigger crates won't stay hit, bullets don't appear to hit. In addition to this, the official levels are either all easy (SP) (though admittedly well designed), or just poor (MP), so unless you go to http://www.jazz2online.com or make some levels on your own, you may accidentally become bored with the game. As for the tilesets, their tile placement is all rather strange, and the masking is frequently quite bad.

The Bottom Line

JJ2 is a game with flaws, but these flaws do not wreck it. Especially since the ways of getting around them often turn out to have more possiblities then if the flaw hadn't existed in the first place. Whether as Jazz, Spaz, Lori (in TSF), Frog or Chuck, playing JJ2 ought to be an enjoyable experience from beginning to end. Infinitely superior to most games out there.