Jekyll & Hyde Credits (Windows)

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Jekyll & Hyde Credits

Cryo France

Director of ProductionPhilippe Bayle
ProducerLuc Lefebvre
Testing ManagerJean-Luc Hadi
Lead TestersHugues Miraux, Jean Claude Fernandes
Play TestersS. Poully, C. Michea, Pascal Merckhoffer, Regis Lenoir, Olivier Bailly, F. Gaudel, Gregory Courdavault
Marketing DirectorMichel Mimran
Group LeaderWilfrid Vinmer
Assisted byBertrand Blanchenay
Artistic DirectorJosé Fouzar-Alcala
Assistant Artistic DirectorOdile Mousseau
DesignerIsabelle Gibier, Thomas Jardini
Art Booklet6AM

Cryo UK

General ManagerStuart Furnival
Sales ManagerMatthew Hill
PR ManagerMark Allen
Product ManagerAlan Wild

Cryo Germany

General ManagerPhilippe Rickenberger
Assisted bySophie
MarketingThorsten Moe, David Markwart, Olivier Daube

Cryo Netherlands (Homesoft)

General ManagerHenk Hoogendoorn
Marketing ManagerJan Faber
Product ManagerSaskia Burden

Cryo Northern Countries

Krister Malm

In Utero

Original IllustrationsStéphane Levallois
ProducerXavier Gonot
Studio ManagerDavid Legrand
Project ManagerNino Sapina
Artistic DirectorAnthony Lejeune
Level DesignerJocelyn Tridémy
ScriptingGuillaume Eluerd, Luc Lefebvre (Cryo)
DialoguesGuillaume Eluerd
Lead ProgrammerIgor Cesi
Lead AnimatorMichel Fesquet
Additional ProgrammingIgor Cesi, Romain Gora, Denis Flouriot, Bertrand Augereau
Tools ProgrammingAntoine Dominguez, Diego Fernandez-Bravo, Jérôme Schurch, Emmanuel Dessendier, Frédéric Bodin
Console ProgrammerStéphane Falgon
Trainee ProgrammersCharles Lefebvre, Omar Cornut
3DSMax Plug‑insPatrick Rivière
Game DesignJocelyn Tridémy, Anthony Lejeune, Nino Sapina
Illustrations and MappingAnthony Lejeune, Renaud Bec, Thierry Dunter, Philippe Gaulier
3D GraphicsJocelyn Tridémy, Jean François Guastalla, Yov Moor, Zinedine Naït Arab, Sebastien Reyt
Lighting, Special Effects & Additional ArtworkAnthony Lejeune, Renaud Bec, Thierry Dunter, Philippe Gaulier, Jean François Guastalla
Integration & Game PlayJocelyn Tridémy, Jean François Guastalla, Yov Moor, Zinedine Naït Arab
AnimationMichel Fesquet, Andrés Gomet
InterfacesAnthony Lejeune, Philippe Gaulier, Sebastien Reyt
Real Time Movie SequencesMichel Fesquet, Andrés Gomez, Thierry Dunter
Pre‑calculated Movie SequencesArnaud Bouron, Franck Demolliere, Grégoire Chevalier-Naud, Carlos Perona
TestingSebastien Reyt, Hughes Miraux (Cryo)
Original MusicBertrand Eluerd
Music EditingGhislain Soufflet
Sound Design & Engineering - Sound EffectsGhislain Soufflet
Sound SupervisionGuillaume Eluerd
Original Voices (VF)Marc Alfos, Pierre-Alain Deguarigue, François Joubert, Cyrille Artaux, Patrice Melennec, Dolly Vanden
Packaging Design And Communication ElementsIn Utero Design D-Vision, Vincent Manouvrier, Yann Orhan, Vincent Laval, Sylvie Serprix
MarketingJulie Salzmann
Special Thanks To The Following For Their AdviceCédric Royer, Romain Petitmangin, Frédéric Ressaire, Stéphane Hernandez, Yann Masson (Cryo)
Thanks To All Of The Other Members Of In UteroStéphane Bachelet, Gilles Chavy, Patrick Rivière, Guillaume Boivin, Jocelyne Craveri, Cédric Toton, Virgil Martin, Laurent Astier, Gilles Matouba, Jean Paul Rodrigues, Frédérique Auvergne, David Yon
And Other People Who Have Participated In This ProjectMylène Bussy, Hatem Benabdallah, Laurent Ledru, Nicolas Hess (Cryo)

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Credits for this game were contributed by PolloDiablo (16899)