Jekyll & Hyde Credits (Windows)

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Jekyll & Hyde Credits


Project ManagementAndré Leusenrinck
StoryJens Egerer, Falko Löffler, Christian Ranft
GamedesignMartin Griese, Danijel Kostadinoski
LeveldesignMartin Griese, Danijel Kostadinoski
ProgrammingChristian Rogge, Christian Ranft
SoundJens Egerer
MusicJens Egerer
Voice DirectionJens Egerer
Cinematic DirectionJens Egerer
GraphicsFelix Raue, Stephan Gennermann, Alexander Schumann, Raphael Wolf, Robér Rollin, Brad Skett, Christian Wassner, Uwe Wegener, Mike Young
PaintingsFrank Lennartz
Additional DesignsBenjamin Gutschke, Alexander Voigt
German Voice ActorsDavid H. Nathan, Hans Henrik Wöhler, G. Eheim, Ilka Teichmüller, Christian Schult
Camera ConsultantChristoph Müller
Thanks toGregor Hausdorf, David Pfeil, Open Source Script Language, Doug Lea (for dlmalloc())
Texture ToolMichael Donath
Voice RecordingPatrick Becker (Bromologic Studio)
Based on the novel byRobert Louis Stevenson

PUBLISHER - bitComposer Games GmbH

Managing DirectorWolfgang Duhr, Oliver Neupert
Product ManagementStephan Branickel, Lukasz Szczepanczyk
SalesVeronika Tomasevic-Sanz


Executive ProducerAlexander Köhler
QA Manager Functinality TestingElodie Bourry
QA Manager Localisation TestingMoos Boulogne
QA CoordinatorPatrick Urankar
QA LeadLe-Thanh Truong
Functionality TestersIwika Ble, Claudia Zanetti, Giorgio Mattiuzzo, Judith Hüllen, Philipp Roth, Marco Neumann, Johannes de Frênes, Marco Sperling, Jim Tabladillo, Jochen Weißmüller, Anas Khiami, Christian Schaack
Localisation TestersClaudia Zanetti, Jon Drake, Vincent Quézédé, Philipp Roth, Alfonso Sexto Pereyra
Project ControllerFrank Fay


Gefördert durch die (Funded by)Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung GmbH
Funding ManagersMario Fischer, Daniel Watzke

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Credits for this game were contributed by Zerobrain (3093)