Jewel Match Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu
Game start
It lets you make a few moves before explaining the overall aim
Highlighting a possible move
Level 1 complete
Generous rewards are always a feature of this type of game
Level 2
This will cause a winning chain reaction
Level 3 layout
I've earned the hammer
Can halve this one within a couple of moves
Level 4 might take a while...
It's done
The locks stop you moving that piece until a line has been made with it
On this occasion, that frees up the rest of the screen
The pearl is a 'wild tile' that can remove anything
Fragmented remains can be awkward
It's all falling into place here
The super-hammer removes all tiles of that colour
Silver tiles hide gold tiles - in other words, they need removing twice
Almost every square is vital here
This gamble sounds like something from a game show