Jimmy White's 2: Cueball Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
The snooker table
The main hall
Your arse is grass
hey, im good
Hmm, decisions, decisions
The main room in hardware-accelerated mode
Panning round the pool table.
Match setup
Lining up a break-off in UK 8-ball.
The computer lines up a shot.
He's potted a red, so he plays those.
Changing the view angle.
The winning shot
A thin snick
The view line makes doubles a bit too easy.
A straightforward pot
Ideal for a plant
Viewing from the yellow ball - working out the angle to pot the second one.
Frame results
Nine-ball is fast and furious
He potted the 8 off the break, so he gets the first chance.
Hit and hope shots can pay off here.
The snooker room in hi-res
Disembodied hands do the toss.
The break-off
The CPU plays a containing safety.
In it goes.
A roll-up shot
The aim line makes these easy.
A Quinten Hann style open-the-bunch shot
Close-up view
Aimed for double 8, but hit double 11 - no score for the three, as I went past zero.
Making a jump, although I'm still losing.
Knocking the blue in.
Into the middle; should be on that red
Have to go up for the blue.
Developing the bunch.
A thin one
Post-foul choices
A safety shot
You can even play a slot machine!