Job Factory Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The title screen
Here we have Bob Sim who is a content editor working for Moby Games. The advanced editing features allow the player to add their own career logo.
The main menu
There is a wizard that guides the user through the game editing process
The first of the data entry screens. Standard cut and paste functions can be used in any of the data fields
Here all the roles within the career path are entered. The order of these roles is important. The details of the roles cannot be entered until each entry here is complete
I've just defined the lowest role in the structure
When al roles are defined the next task is to define Chance cards for each role
Chance cards can be good or bad and they can have both financial bonuses/ penalties or career bonuses/penalties or both. There can be multiple such Chance cards per role
The final act is to name the new career
The new career can be tested by assigning it to a Sim that already exists within the game