John Woo presents Stranglehold Credits


StarringChow Yun Fat
Music CompanyDynamedion GbR
ComposersPierre Gerwig Langer, Tilman Sillescu, Alexander Röder, Alexander Pfeffer, Markus Schmidt
ProducerPierre Gerwig Langer
SingerConny Kollet


"Let's Blow It All" Music provided byMasterSource Catalog
"Stranglehold Rough 2" and "Pianoimprovstrangle 2" Composed bySerj Tankian

Voice Actors (French Version)

Billie WongMagalie Barney
Capt. LeePatrick Borg
Damon ZakarovBernard Bollet
DapangThierry Mercier
Jerry YingJerôme Keen
Jimmy WongPhilippe Catoire
John Woo (Announcer)Gilles Blumenfeld
Teko (AKA Nico)Karine Foviau
TequilaPatrice Baudrier
Ty LokSylvain Lemarié
Vladimir ZararovDaniel Lobé
Yung GiDavid Krüger
Lou, the chopper pilotDavid Krüger
Tea House BossPatrick Borg
GK Rabbit thugBernard Bollet
Junk CaptainGilles Blumenfield
DuanGilles Blumenfield
GK thug 1Gilles Blumenfield
GK thug 2Thierry Mercier
GK thug 3Daniel Lobé
Aged MerchantSylvain Lemarié
Detective 1Sylvain Lemarié
Detective 2David Krüger
GK teahouse thugThierry Mercier
GK Mega thugThierry Mercier
I9 Teahouse thugBernard Bollet
Maitre DSylvain Lemarié
Russian Henchman 1David Krüger
Russian Henchman 2Gilles Blumenfield
Russian Henchman 3Patrice Baudrier

Midway Games Ltd.

Managing DirectorMartin Spiess
European Director Finance & OperationsMatthew Marshall
European Sales DirectorRob Gross
European Marketing DirectorLeonie Manshanden
Senior European Brand ManagerAidan Minter
European Brand ManagerMatthew Huband, Suddy Bhardwaj
Assistant Brand ManagerCraig Parker-Wood
Public Relations ManagerPhil Robinson
European Public Relations ManagerClare Turner
Project ManagerChristopher Giggins
Creative Services ManagerJoanna Hammond
Creative Services AssistantZoë Taylor
Logistics ManagerIsabelle Midrouillet
Logistics CoordinatorBen O'Callaghan
Special ThanksRandall Mage, Nina Lampinen, and everyone at Localsoft.

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Credits for this game were contributed by Picard (35370)