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Joint Strike Fighter - JSF (Windows)

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Developed by
ESRB Rating
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

Joint Strike Fighter - JSF Credits


Managing DirectorHenning Rokling
Lead Programmer & Project LeaderThomas Hagen
3D Engine ProgrammingPaul Endresen, Thomas Hagen
Physics ProgrammingThomas Hagen
Gameplay ProgrammingAnders Dybdahl
Network ProgrammingAnders Dybdahl, Martin Gram
Sound ProgrammingMartin Gram
Presentation ProgrammingMartin Gram
AI ProgrammingOle Marius Liabo
Tools ProgrammingPaul Endresen, Thomas Hagen
Additional ProgrammingJohan Øverbye
Graphical DesignRune Spaans
3D ModellingRune Spaans
Additional 3D ModellingChester Lawrence
MusicKim M. Jensen
Sound EffectsKim M. Jensen
Scenario DesignJohan Basberg
LocalisationJack Kristoffersen
SpeechDavid Chocron, David Fishel, Anette Reynolds, David Smith
IntroRune Spaans
ManualJohan Basberg, Anders Dybdahl, Martin Gram, Thomas Hagen, Ole Marius Liabo, Rune Spaans
Joystick ConfigurationSander Johansen
Quality AssuranceJohan Basberg, Frode Berg, Dag Husum, Sander Johansen, Birger Lien, Stian Vælitalo, Jonathon Redington
Production TeamStuart Aitken, Andrew Bradbury, Mark Donald, Dana Dorian, Scott Dunbar, Graham McKenna, Richard Scott, Phillip Vaughan, Alan Watson
Executive ProducerJohn Kavanagh
Associate ProducerCharlotte De Baeza
Marketing DirectorJohn Davis, Florent Moreau, Vincent Pargney
Marketing ManagerDavid Burton, Stephane Cormier, Christian Zoch
PRPriscille Demoly, Gary Keith Brubaker, Lidia Stojanovic
Manual and Technical WritingJessica Mulligan, Lawrence T. Russell, The Russell Group
PackagingMark Beevers, Quinton Luck, Frank Parker, E.C.S.
Testing ManagerTony Miller
Lead TesterTom Murton
Marketing ExecutiveLars Wittkuhn
Test CoordinatorEric W. Adams
Test GroupThe Fighting 510th
MarketingPaul Baldwin
Technical InformationBoeing, Lockheed Martin, Bill Sweetman, Texas Instruments
Special Thanks331 Squadron - Norwegian Air Force, ACT Laboratory Ltd., Joachim Barrum, CH Products, Pål-Kristian Engstad, Michael Noguchi, Stein Pedersen, ThrustMaster Inc.

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