The Journeyman Project 2: Buried in Time Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

The install process has a Gallery of scenes from the game as well as demos of The Directors Cut and a demo of a game called Lion
The game menu.
The game credits are nicely organised
There's a long introduction, part animation, part full motion video, part still pictures, that outlines the story
Very early in the game. Agent 5 is exploring his own house, looking for clues and a plot. The arrows in the lower right indicate where Agent 5 can move / look
Objects can be picked up and analysed, here its the TV remote. The inventory is in the centre of the lower part of the screen. It holds items and the biochips that are built into the jump suit
Its necessary to operate the TV to work out what's happening.
There are some key time zones to be explored. These are spread across the game discs so some disc swapping at the start of a mission is unavoidable
Can't do much on the space station because a propulsion pack is needed.
Back in 15th century Italy, something has been detected by the Evidence bio-chip built into the time travel suit
It is possible to die in a variety of ways.
Mission briefing. Before each jump Agent 5 is required to read the mission briefing, this is part of the briefing prior to the French jump
In transit. Each jump, certainly the early ones, features a fly-by of the surrounding area before landing. This is the fly-by of the jump to 13th century France
So Agent 5 has landed in the castle in France right next to this guy, hope I've not been seen.
Another death by falling. Quite well drawn.
This is shortly after Agent 5 landed in the Mayan / Aztec world. The Jump menu is on the right above the movement control
A puzzle. The first puzzle found so far and it could be an ancient combination lock.
The Save / Restore screen. This brings up a screen where the payer names and places their save file