Juggernaut: The New Story For Quake II Credits

HeadGames Publishing

PublishingDanny Hammett, Steve Foust, Chad Koehler, Denis Sward, Jay Carling King IV, Terry Desanctis, Jason Delamater, Ryan Merriman

Canopy Games

DevelopmentDavid Weiberg, Curtis Smith, Dean Ahmed, Gordon Smuder, Michael Berglund, Joshua Ritter, Chris Mars, Joel Woodward, Chris Gegax, Steve Fait, Dave Moore, Michael Wandmacher, John Larson, Mike Falcone, Eric Howell
Additional Map ArtistsJim Hendrickson, Martin Howe, Zied Rieke, Richard L. Troppman, Isaac Barry


TestingJason Delamater, Jay Carling King IV, Chad Koehler, Ryan Merriman, Yang Zhu, Julia Hartung, Josh O'Brian
Special Thanks/Greetings toOur Wives and families, William Shatner, Björk, PizzaMan, Rob Zombie, James Brown, Elvis Presley, R. J. Miller, www.PlanetQuake.com and staff, Dave Duccini, Universal Industries, Ron Jeremy

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Chad Koehler, 43 other games
Danny Hammett, 22 other games
Rob Zombie, 21 other games
Jay Carling King IV, 18 other games
Zied Rieke, 16 other games
Terry Desanctis, 13 other games
Elvis Presley, 13 other games
Isaac Barry, 12 other games
James Brown, 12 other games
Curtis Smith, 11 other games
William Shatner, 10 other games
Dave Moore, 9 other games
Michael Berglund, 9 other games
Mike Falcone, 8 other games
Michael Wandmacher, 8 other games
David Weiberg, 6 other games
Jason Delamater, 5 other games
Ryan Merriman, 5 other games
Gordon Smuder, 5 other games
Joshua Ritter, 4 other games
Joel Woodward, 4 other games
Steve Fait, 3 other games
Björk, 3 other games
Ron Jeremy, 3 other games


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Credits for this game were contributed by Jeanne (76519) and NGC 5194 (17619)