Juiced Credits (Windows)

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Juiced Credits

Juice Games Ltd.

Managing DirectorColin Bell
Studio DirectorDon Whiteford
DirectorTim Preece
Project ManagerStephen Powell
Lead DesignerRichard Badger
Game DesignSteven Hunt, Don Whiteford, Andrew Bate, Stephen Powell
Technology Manager / ProgrammerRob Anderson
ProgrammingMark Williams, Jamie Campbell, Peter Memmott, Stephen Powell, Richard Badger, Mat Draper, Steven Hunt, Noel Austin, Ian Moran
Lead ArtistAndrew Bate
Lead World ArtistRich Thomas
World ArtistsDonna Jennett, Robert Jiménez-Owen, Simon Leedham, David Ambler
Lead Vehicle ArtistMatthew Green
Vehicle ArtistsAndi Entwistle, Matt Brussels
Character ArtistsRod Edwards, Paul Dolan
User Interface ArtistsDonna Jennett, Simon Leedham
Internal QAGavin Clark, Stu Clenton
Juice Games ThanksPaul Keast, Claire Williams, Ben Christey, Joe Birkett, Daniel Nuttall, John McGowan, Craig Grounsell, Derek Johnson, Adrian Page, Tyronne Bramley, Julia Young, Jackie Bell, Tom Bell, Sam Whiteford, Elliot Ormesher, Mike Engstrom, James Dima
Juice Games Special ThanksTo all our families for their support
In Memory ofPaulo Jenkins (RACERX2K - 6/18/78 - 5/15/04 - Never to be forgotten)

THQ Product Development

Director, Project Management, EuropeRoger Carpenter
Assistant Project ManagerDamian Finn
Executive Vice President Worldwide StudiosJack Sorensen
Vice President Product DevelopmentPhilip Holt
Head of Product Development EuropeMike Gamble
Senior Vice President of Business DevelopmentDan Kelly
Director, Business Development, EuropeAndrew Walker
Submissions ManagerFlorence Kum
Assistant Submissions CoordinatorSimon Deal

THQ Global Marketing

Senior Vice President, Worldwide MarketingPeter Dille
Director, Global Brand ManagementMichael Pattison
Global Brand ManagerPeter Murphy
Assistant Global Brand ManagerJulien Socquet-Clerc
Senior Project Manager, ArtTill Enzmann
DTP Operator (ICO)Anja Untiet, Detlef Tapper, Dirk Offenberg, Jens Spangenberg, Ramona Sackers, Ramona Stell
Director of LocalizationSusanne Dieck
Localization EngineerBernd Kurtz
Localization CoordinatorAndreas Herbertz
Product Manager, USADavid Miller, Rocco Scandizzo
Associate PR Manager, USARob Cassel
Marketing Director, UKRichard Williams
Product Marketing Manager, UK & ExportJon Rooke
Marketing Executive, UK & ExportElizabeth Blackman
PR Manager, UK & ExportGreg Jones, Helen Jones
Online Marketing, UKHuw Beynon
Export Sales Manager, UKGayle Shepherd
Marketing Director, GermanyPaul Ashcroft
Head of Product Development,, GermanyChristina Binsmaier
Assistant Product Manager, GermanyBettina Nonn
Head of PR, GermanyGeorg Reckenthäler
PR Manager, GermanyJochen Langenbach
Marketing Director, Asia PacificMike Kolodzinski
Product Manager, Asia PacificJon Rowe
PR & Promotions Co-Ordinator, Asia PacificBen Pollock
Product Manager, FranceBenoît Bohet
PR Manager, FranceAurelie Le Jollec
PR Manager SpainJorge Nicolás Vázquez

THQ Thanks

THQ ThanksBrian J. Farrell, Germaine Gioia, Leslie Brown, Brandy A. Carrillo, Jenni Carlson, Deborah Fingerman, Wendy Dormer, Duncan Scott Kershaw, Phillip Wright, Iain Riches, Kish Hirani, Dan Golding, Pierre Hintze, Barbara Chapman
THQ Special ThanksTo everyone that has been involved in the marking of


Director, Quality AssuranceMonica Vallejo
QA ManagerMario Waibel
Test SupervisorTravis Tholen
Test LeadsRyan Rothenberger (The Kid), Luis Sánchez (Woody), Danny Smith (The Limey), Mark A. Wagman (Tequila Spud)
TestersCarlos Aguilar (Vokaino), Scott Allman (Parnelli), T. Ryan Arnold (The Pouch), Philip Bailey (Alien Jackal), Jonathan Bloch, Adam Bruno (Morphius), Jason Burchfield, Alberto Campo (QA Analyst), Jay Chavengpoj (Lil'), David Choe (Minkster), Natasha Clarke, Timothy Flanagan (Big Daddy T), Steven Ross French (Rukio), Jonathan Gill, Michele Hunt (Mochi), Chase Jentz (It was an accident), Mike Lee (The Show), Sam Martin (Grits N' Gravy), Sergio Mimikos (Le Fantome), Hugh Mitchell IV (Hughbacca), Marcus Morgan (KIMIRION), Wesley Morris (Ilpster), Chris Olander (Walinder), Joseph Pearson (JJ), Greg Platt (The Hammer), Matthew Rappaport (a donf), Jim Ritchie, Brigido L. Rodriguez (B-Rod), Mayra Serpa (Boo), Jeff Srisathapat (JTek), Edwin Stalter (Fast Eddie), Eric Watson (Shamm), Zachary Wedgeworth, David Wilson (SchuleMeister)
First Party SupervisorKeith Michaelis, Ian Sedensky
First Party SpecialistsMatt Ames, Lori Durrant, Marc Durrant, Arielle J, Alexis Ladd, Jeremy Moseley, Michael Ricco, Warren Wong
QA TechniciansJames Krenz, Richard Jones
Mastering Lab TechniciansCharles Batarse, Glen Peters, Anthony Dunnet
Database Application EngineerJason Roberts
Game Evaluation TeamSean Heffron, F. Scott Frazier, Matt Elzie

Benfield Sports International Licensing Agency (www.bsigroup.tv)

Benfield Sports International Licensing AgencyRussell Murphy, John Postlethwaite, Nicola Sands

Babel Media Ltd

Babel Media LtdAdam Chapman, David Lawson, Sergio Massabò, Anna Sjöström
Babel QA TeamSophie Krauss, Maria Sanchez, Nick Schaefer, Lucia Zamuner

Sound Design by Bob & Barn Ltd.

Sound SupervisorsAndrew Barnabas, Paul Arnold
Sound DesignersDave Sullivan, Greg Hill
Vehicle engine sounds recorded atMIRA racecourse - Nuneaton - UK - Jan '05
Vehicle engine sounds recorded byGreg Hill, Dave Sullivan, Paul Arnold
Post Production & EditingDave Sullivan, Greg Hill
Additional Engine SoundsLicensed from Soundwave Concepts

For kindly letting us record their cars

For kindly letting us record their carsJames Silvester (Mitsubishi FTO), Steve Silvester (Toyota Supra), Simon Baldwin (Misubishi FTO), Harry Baldwin (Mazda MX-5), Andrew Hughes (Renault Clio), Barry Scarisbrick (Fiat Punto HGT), Ian Allen (Ford Focus ST170), Jason Foxley (Ford Focus ST170), Ben Higgins (VW Beetle 1.8T), Richard O'Donovan (VW Beetle 1.8T), Brian Towlson (Mitsubishi 300zx), Graham Mulvihull (Mazda RX-7), Freddy Karwa (Mazda RX-7)

Cornerstone Promotion

Cornerstone PromotionPatrick Schmidt

Sessing Music Services

Sessing Music ServicesJulie Sessing-Turner

CGI Intro - Plastic Wax Pty Ltd

Lead CompositorAdam Jones
FXAdam MacGowan
Animation/ModellingAndy Yong
Motion Capture ActorBen Stringer, Isabella Dunwill
CompositorBen Xu, Clayton Diack
AnimationChristopher Harris, Hugh Carrick-Allan, Peter Spinaze, Wei He (Jacky)
Texture ArtistDavid Brown, Tyrone Maddams
Sound EngineerStuart Spoard
Lead ModellingGuy Robinson
Animation & LightingPhilip To
Mocap CleanupCameron Hube, James Davies, Mike Hughes, Lyle Carroll
Texture Artist & LightingMichael Paget
Motion Capture & LightingSamuel Maniscalco
Producer & Production ManagementRebecca Tolliday
Creative DirectorNathan Maddams
Executive Producer & Business AffairsTony Pittorino


Interface MusicAlchemy Audio Lab
Additional Sound Recordings and DesignPete Tricket, Alchemy Audio Lab
Additional ArtworkMario Zachariadis (Tribalz font)
Sub‑contract Vehicle ArtSean Naden (Game Options Ltd)
Rolling RoadPeter Hignett
Coachwork Repair AdvisorMr. Jeffs of Jeffs and Lee
Video PlaybackBink Video, RAD Game Tools Inc.
Steering Wheel SupportLogitech

Car Manufacturers

ChevroletChevrolet, Pontiac, Camaro, Z28, Corvette, Z06, Firebird
VauxhallVauxhall, Corsa, Emblems
DodgeDodge Charger, Dodge Neon, Dodge SRT4, Dodge Viper GTS
FordFord Oval
HondaHonda, Acura, Civic, S2000, CRX, Integra Type R, Prelude VT, NSX, RSX, Integra, Type‑S, Type R
MazdaMazda, MX‑5, RX‑7, RX‑8
MitsubishiMitsubishi Eclipse, FTO, GTO, 3000GT, Lancer EVOLUTION
ToyotaToyota, Mr., Corolla, Celica, Supra

Part Manufacturers

Part ManufacturersBridgestone, Potenza, OZ Racing

Mobile Phone Manufacturer

Mobile Phone ManufacturersMotorola, Vodafone

Music Credits

"We Got the Beat"Talib Kweli Feat. Res
"The Streets"Roni Size Feat. Fallacy
"How Does It Feel"The Koreans
"Klack"Xzibit Feat. Krondon
"Right Now"Wordsworth
"The New Health Rock"TV on the Radio
"Cave In"Guru
"Between Us and Them"Moving Units
"What You Deserve"The Exies
"Signs of Life"Every Move a Picture
"88 Aka Come Down on Me"Lemon Jelly
"Club Foot"Kasabian
"Down by Law"Beans
"Hurt You So"Johnny L.
"Back to Basics"Shapeshifters
"Architect"Dub Pistols
"6 Space (Next Level)ILS
"Made in 2 Minutes"P. Gregory, J. Low
"Finished Symphony"Hybrid
"Killa"Way Out West
"Flipmode"Stereo 8
"Dubhead"Lee Coombs, Christian J.
"Allright All Night"Lee Coombs, Dylan Rhymes
"Passion"Gat Décor
"Ready Steady Go"Paul Oakenfold

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Peter Dille, 238 other games
Monica Vallejo, 171 other games
Mario Waibel, 171 other games
Brian J. Farrell, 149 other games
Glen Peters, 139 other games
Jack Sorensen, 130 other games
Germaine Gioia, 129 other games
Jason Roberts, 125 other games
Anthony Dunnet, 111 other games
Bernd Kurtz, 111 other games
Susanne Dieck, 110 other games
Charles Batarse, 105 other games
Brandy A. Carrillo, 97 other games
T. Ryan Arnold, 96 other games
Richard Jones, 88 other games
Philip Holt, 81 other games
F. Scott Frazier, 77 other games
Jonathan Gill, 76 other games
Michael Pattison, 75 other games
Matt Elzie, 67 other games
Andreas Herbertz, 64 other games
Leslie Brown, 62 other games
Ian Sedensky, 57 other games
Deborah Fingerman, 56 other games
Jenni Carlson, 56 other games


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Credits for this game were contributed by Sciere (385975)