J.U.L.I.A. Credits (Windows)

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J.U.L.I.A. Credits


Created byJan Kavan, Lukáš Medek
Based on a story "Life of a Machine" byJan Kavan
2D & 3D GraphicsLukáš Medek
Script and Game DesignJan Kavan
User Interface DesignLukáš Medek
Sound Effects DesignJan Kavan
CutscenesLukáš Medek
Puzzle DesignJan Kavan
Additional Puzzle DesignLukáš Medek
ProgrammingJan Kavan
English Script AdaptationLaura MacDonald
AnimationsLukáš Medek
Additional AnimationsStephen Seefeld (Jynks)
MusicJan Kavan
Additional Music (Piknik) Composed and Lyrics byMartin Alacam
Additional Music (Piknik) Arranged and Performed byMetamorphosis ‑ http://www.metamorphosis.at
Additional Music (Piknik) Guitar, VocalMartin Alacam
Additional Music (Piknik) ViolinChristoph Pajer
Additional Music (Piknik) GuitarRichard Deutsch
Additional Music (Piknik) CelloJan Kavan
Additional Music (Romance for Mobot) Composed byJan Kavan
Additional Music (Romance for Mobot) Performed by (Piano)Barbora Kavanová
J.U.L.I.A. uses Wintermute engine (www.dead-code.org) Created by Jan Nedoma (Mnemonic)
Voice ActorsEd Mace (as Narrator), Jennifer Helia (as J.U.L.I.A.), Lucy Fillery-Murphy (as Rachel Manners), TextAloud as Mobot
Testing CrewMichael Stein, Mikael Nyqvist, Aggelos Karmiris (odnorf), Laura MacDonald, Jan Nedoma (Mnemonic), Pavel Černohous, Thomas Busse, Stephen Seefeld
Language ConsultancyLaura MacDonald, Mikael Nyqvist
Legal ConsultancyLaura MacDonald, Mikael Nyqvist
The Adventure ShopDamien Mauric, Olga Ryzhko
Special ThanksBarbora Kavanová, Marta Vad'urová, Pavel Černohous, Jan Nedoma, WME Community, Juuso Hieatalahti, Marita Robinson, All GameBoomers

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