Kana: Little Sister Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

The game's cast
Little Kana
Taka and Kana
Kana closeup
Kana on a family trip
Kana waves goodbye to Taka
Taka carries Kana home
Kana in bed
Kana in Taka's room
Taka holds Kana
Kana realizes her mortality
Taka carries Kana at the beach
Kana smiles
Kana CG
Kana reading a book
Kana waves
Aunt Sumako
Kana falls asleep with Cana
Taka and Yumi
Yumi in bath towel
Yumi holds a bouquet
Yumi, angry
Kana's CGs are beautifully drawn
Kana juggling the beanbags in her hospital room
Kana in the school principal's office
Your friends
Kana in front of her school
Kana at the summer festival
Looking for Kana in the forest
Talking to Yumi, your classroom friend
In the library
Meeting Yumi at the festival after a long time no see
Kana visiting Sumako in the hospital
Sometimes, words just won't come out
Taka distancing himself from Yumi
Kana doesn't feel too well
No more waiting and trying to suppress your feelings
Guess it's not a sin if they're not really related
Checking the information of game's characters
BGM player