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Windows version

The main menu is very atmospheric and feels almost like real place.
Since first game, Kane settled in Shanghai and even has a girlfriend.
As before, player can listen to unimportant dialogues during loading screens.
Finally, old friends have met.
Let's make little detour on the way to the hotel. It'll take just a couple of minutes.
Story so far. It can be accessed any second, if you are feeling lost.
You bare ass bastard, I said stop!
Player can be knocked on the ground and have to stand up if he doesn't want to die.
BLAM! Lynch is dead. Wanna try again?
Pistols are really useful, especially for head shots.
You can pick up flammable canisters, throw 'em and shoot. Highly effective.
Submachine guns are better to use in short distances, due to high bullets scatter.
Even concrete pillar won't protect you completely.
Blind shooting might save your life.
Developers have done really good work to express the feeling of Shanghai.
Infamous "encoding error" effect in action.
It's possible to highlight all weapons in nearby area by pressing a special key.
It takes two people to open the door.
I've shoot some cops and took their effective machine gun. Now more to come.
Sometimes, police sets dogs on you.
Suddenly, ambushed in restaurant.
Wow, they sent special forces against Kane & Lynch! Who the hell is behind such a power?
Guns? Nah, it's okay for usual citizens to witness armed to teeth white weirdos.
Almost dead. I better find another cover.
In short range combat you may not aim precisely, just shoot in general direction of enemy.
IO Interactive games at shelves. An easter egg!
Jeez, I almost can't see those black guys!
Utilizing the sniper rifle, probably the best weapon in the game.
Cruelty is something the game can lend to others.
Sneaking away from the captivity. But, if you want, it's possible just to kill everyone.
Wow, that city is really colorful.
Sometimes, enemies won't even let you take a chance to attack.
Hail the heavy machine gun, our best friend.
Don't ask how we got ourselves a helicopter.
That duel was hard, but now it's over.
Yet another tricky sneaking mission. Notice the sharpshooter under the marker.
Ha-ha-ha! What a nice canister to blow.
Being attacked by helicopter in office. And more, we are supposed to destroy it by usual weapons.
Ultimate badass.
The last and the only mission we play as Kane.
Arcade mode - fragile alliance. Like a team death match with bots, but your teammate can traits you
Arcade mode - fragile alliance - kill guard and robber goods
Arcade mode - fragile alliance - diamonds in fishes
Arcade mode - fragile alliance - go to the truck and escape