Kaptein Sabeltann Credits (Windows)

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Kaptein Sabeltann Credits


All rights to The Captain Sabertooth UniverseTerje Formoe
Game DesignArtplant AS
ProducerChrister Olsson (PAN Vision)
Product ManagerMarcus Hyttfors (PAN Vision)
Project LeadTomas Sandnes
ArtChester Lawrence Laquian, Joachim Barrum, Mikael Noguchi
AnimationJoachim Barrum
ProgrammingLucas Meijer, Tomas Sandnes
Additional ProgrammingJack Kristoffersen
Audio Director & Sound FXKim M. Jensen (Audioplant)
Songs byTerje Formoe
MusicAlf Emil Eik
Voice ActingKent Sjömann, Elisabeth Öhman, Björn Wahlberg, Jacob Björklund, Hedda Öhman, Simon Sjökvist
Translation (Oversettelse)Elisabeth Öhman
Direction (Regi)Elisabeth Öhman
StudioRevolver Studio, Asko Ahonen
Producer (Produsent)Filmkompaniet, Tom Carpelan
Additional Finalization WorkStein Fernando Løtveit
Special thanks toGrappa AS, Seven Seas Productions AS, Daniel Rusten, Hege Larsen, Julian Bjarkø, Lea Kristoffersen, Live Rygg Wikran, Marit Jacobsen, Mia Noguchi Wikran, Oscar Barrum, Patrick Wullf, Silje Hermanrud, Siri Stavang, Suzanne Wullf

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