Kaptein Sabeltann Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu
This looks like trouble
It's Captain Sabertooth of course!
Starting out at the Black Lady
Apples can be picked up for extra health
Meeting with the captain
Pulling a box
Found a piece of the map!
The captain gets his hands on the chest
Gold coins can be found all over the game
At the Bazar Spinky can buy himself a sword
Watch out for the falling boulder
A fight with a pirate
Since this is a kids game there is no blood an no one dies
Need to time the jump to get to the moving platform
Found a chest full of gold
Taking a hike on the back of a vulture
A pirate is guarding this fortress
Opening a door
Some old school platforming
Watch your steps or you will get speared
Is this really fair?
Welcome to Monkey Island!
A shovel is sometimes needed when the path is blocked by a pile of sand
Here I have to jump between the turtles at the right time
Being disturbed by a monkey
Entering the jungle
A box pushing puzzle
I've entered a volcanic cave
A lantern is needed to illuminate this dark cave
I'm being attacked by a monkey throwing coconuts
On the map the player moves his ship from level to level
The ghost ship - do you dare to enter?
Fighting a skeleton pirate
Is that a ghost?
Fighting against a octopus
Encountering an enemy ship
Just need to shoot down the three cannons to win
What a nice little village!
Crabs can't be fought - they just have to be avoided