Karma: Curse of the 12 Caves Credits

Discis Knowledge Research Inc.

Chief Executive OfficerJohn Lowry
PresidentDavid Lowry
Vice President, Licensing & AcquisitionsRichard Wah Kan
Product DevelopmentCarol Roffey
ProducerAnne-Marie Huurre
ProgrammersAndy Forget, Andrew Platzer, Joseph Scheuhammer
Discis Logo AnimationSusan Sinclair
Cover and Booklet DesignLuke Murphy
Booklet TextJulie Adam, Lisa Darrach, Andy Forget

Interserv International Inc.

ProducerSheree Tsao
Creative DirectorAvis Tang
Script WriterAvis Tang
Visual DesignAlex Yu, Al Kuo
3D DesignVincent Hong, Daniel Pao, Michael Lee, Michael Chen, Pony Ma, Nelson Pan, C. C. Kung
Graphic DesignMichael Jen, Alex Yu, Emily Huang, C. W. Huang, Kevin Liu, GiGi Chang, Liang Yao, Amy Chang
Music DesignMorning Bird Production Co. Ltd
Video ProductionFree Jet Production Co. Ltd
IntegrationYi-Ming Pao
ProgrammingYi-Ming Pao, Plinius Lee, Athena Chuang
AdministrationSunny Chiou
MarketingGrace Ho
Language ConsultantThomas G. Mullen, Robert Taylor
Special ThanksF. G. Chang, I. G. Fong, Asia CD Taiwan Ltd, DYNA Arts Productions Co. Ltd

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