Kasparov Chessmate Credits


Chess Engine used under license Ruffian programmed byPerola Valfridsson
Lead ProgrammingMichel Donais
ProgrammingLaurent Vitalis, Luc Tremblay
IntegrationChristian Comeau, Laurent Vitalis, Luc Charest, Eric Desrochers
Framework ProgrammingJean-Roch Roy
Network ProgrammingMario Dubois, Patrick Premont, Ye Yang
Game DesignGarry Kasparov, Stephen David Wark
Interface DesignLaurent Vitalis
Artistic DirectionDerek Zakaib
Graphic DesignLe Hoang Khanh, Simon Nadeau
Graphics ProductionYan Bohler, Simon Nadeau, Laurent Vitalis
Quality AssuranceDino Mastropaolo, Marc-AndrĂ© Gaumond, Wei Zhu, Christian Comeau
Exclusive ProducerSylvain Croteau
Project ManagerMichael St-Andre
ProducersAlexandre Taillefer, Alexandre Thabet, Patrick Minotti, Derek Zakaib
Sound ProductionWave Generation Inc.

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Credits for this game were contributed by Trond Berntsen (1831)