Written by  :  Depeche Mike (17562)
Written on  :  Sep 18, 2007
Platform  :  Windows
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Kinda bad.

The Good

I really didn't like too much about the game. I mean there's things I don't dislike about it but I wouldn't really list them as likes. I put those under the description already.

The Bad

First the controls. The keyboard layout is really non-ergonomic and to me says that the developer never plays pc games. Also steering is really tricky in that there's late response but this could be due to the handling of snowmobiles. I also didn't appreciate how the game randomly chose to slowdown. You'd have one race where it ran great, and then the next race forced you to restart the program in order to compete a little bit. Speaking of competition, I realize I picked easy level but that doesn't give the first place guy the right to overtake me and quickly halt to let me catch up. We're talking 10 meters here!

Now the real nitty gritty of what I didn't like. First of all, the levels. Now I've seen this in other racing games but I think it's a total farce to say that you've got 10 levels for people to race in but only to realize that what they really meant was two environs. Let me clarify; of the regular six racing levels three of them all take place in the under-whelmingly under-detailed racing "stadium", while the remaining three take place in some kind of really bland and, again, under-detailed mountain top themed setting. As far as detail goes all I noticed were a few boulders and one cabin...oh and some trees. So call me unfair but unless I get to see other parts of the mountain where there's a city or something, or lots and lots of caverns, I'd really call that only two levels. It's not like they even finished them well! Quite a few times I lost control and flew under some guard rails and off a cliff, only to clip through the level and fall into nothing for about a minute until the game finally decided to reset me. And one other time I lost control, again, and ended up going backward only to see unfinished reverse version of the track complete with untextured garbling under some cliffs.

The other thing that really bothered me was that I actually had to turn down the graphics setting because the beautiful blooming white effects were applied liberally almost everywhere on the track, meaning that quite a few times I would turn a corner and would not be able to tell where the sides of the track were or where I was supposed to be going!

Oh and the choice of racers is kinda lame. i mean they're just texture swaps so, why bother?

The Bottom Line

It's not awful, I mean I've played worse, but this is absolutely the bottom of the barrel game making. Especially considering when it came out and what other games are out there on the market. Being a budget title doesn't excuse anything and to be honest weirds me out that Kawasaki was so proud to put their name on it. Will they put their name on anything? I mean I can make a mean flipbook...