Keepsake Credits (Windows)

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Keepsake Credits

Wicked Studios

Core TeamYves Bordeleau, Benoit Thomas, Mathieu Rivest, Guy England, Bruno Parenteau, Yannick Paquette
Lead ProgrammerBenoit Thomas
Lead IntegratorBruno Parenteau
AuthorsBruno Parenteau, Benoit Thomas, Yves Bordeleau
Lead DesignersBruno Parenteau, Benoit Thomas, Yves Bordeleau
Script Editing (English)Bruce Harlick
Art DirectorGuy England
Technical DirectorMathieu Rivest
3D Modeling and Texture ArtistGuy England, Yannick Paquette, Mathieu Rivest
Additional 3D ModelingVéronique Fortin
2D & Promotional ArtistsGuy England, Yves Bordeleau
Lead AnimatorMathieu Rivest
AnimatorYannick Paquette
Post Production ArtistMathieu Rivest, Guy England
Audio Project ManagerYves Bordeleau
Sound Design and Music SupervisorYves Bordeleau
Music Composed and Performed byMarc Derell, Yves Bordeleau
Voice Recording (English)Frédéric Maloney
Artistic Direction (English)Bruno Parenteau, Yves Bordeleau
Voice Talents (English)Elizabeth Boudreau, Kosta Beis, Yves Bordeleau, Marie-Ève Boucher, Hugo Gingras, Gary S. Gibbons
QA ManagerBruno Parenteau
QASonia Enair
Communication and Marketing ManagerYves Bordeleau
Web DeveloperDan Media Designer, Daniel Gagné
Web HostingiWEB Hosting, Patrick Bertrand
PresidentYves Bordeleau
PR & MarketingYves Bordeleau
Finance and Management AdvisorsRichard Lachance, Jean-François Lalonde, Claude Ferland, Sidney Rosen, Carl Bélanger, Olivier About (SAJE)
System AdministratorBenoit Thomas
Dutch TranslationJeannette Kortenoeven
Special ThanksSAJE Montreal Metro, CREC St‑Leonard, Fondation du Maire de Montréal pour la Jeunesse, Canadian Youth Business Foundation, SACO, Richard Lachange, Jean-François Lalonde, Carl Bélanger, Olivier About, Claude Ferland, Sidney Rosen
German Localization and Voice Recording4‑Real Intermedia GmbH
German VoicesMaja Sommer, Mario Hassert, Peter Wenke, Sabine Fischer, Hans-Joachim Heist, Achim Barrenstein, Silke Brauner, Karl-Jürgen Sihler
German DistributionFrogster Interactive Pictures AG
CEO (Frogster)Christoph Gerlinger
COO (Frogster)Frederic Bichat
CMO (Frogster)Dirk Weyel
Product Management (Frogster)Jörg Becker, Gereon Hermkes
Marketing & PR (Frogster)Stefan Balabanow
Assistance (Frogster)Janine Bichat, Katja Schmidt, Helga Billep
Additional PR Assistance (Frogster)Borgmeier Media
Web‑Design (Frogster)Christian Passeyer
Web‑Community (Frogster)TechSupp#1, Olga Broido, Christian Passeyer
Marketing (Europe)Erik Schreuder
PR (Europe)Raymond Snippe, Ruth Chaloner
PackagingMichael van Zijl
WebmanagementWouter Kampmann, Bart Spiessens, Raymond Snippe

The Adventure Company

Executive ProducerRobert Stevenson
ProducerMike Adams
Director of Global MarketingLorraine Lue
Lead IllustratorRussell Challenger
Art DirectorJay Kinsella
Graphic DesignersEsther Sucre, Trang To
PR CoordinatorSuzanne MacGillivray
Voice CastingResnick Enterprises
Voice DirectingMike Adams
EngineersTodd Resnick, Todd Patterson
Voice TalentNolan North, Denny Brooks, Linda Lee
Recorded atStudio Atlantis, Hollywood California
QA ManagerMike Adams
QA LeadVasso T. Kontoulis
TestersDan Dawang, Simon Cunningham, Kamaal Anwar, Michael Geist, Michael Ashe, Jesse Skelton, Adrian Miller, Anthony Finelli
Legal & Business DevelopmentLeslie Rosenthal, Robert Stevenson
VP Product Development & AcquisitionsRobert Stevenson
VP MarketingMarshall Zwicker
President and CEORichard Wah Kan
Special ThanksRichard Rivest, Arlette Jean Rivest, Juliette Jean, Fernand Bordeleau, Ginette Bordeleau, France Bordeleau, Simon Bordeleau, Eric, Michel, Pascal, Pat, all the Soulforge crew, Hugo Gingras, Marie-Josée Mitchell, Emilie Legault, Micheline Prescott, Jean-Claude Bissonnette, Eric Florent, Doris Florent, Annick Thomas, Alexis Ménard, Jason Di Valerio, Richard Chicoine, Marilou Thomas, Vicky Thomas, Daniel Thomas, Denise Bergeron, Stephane Giroux (Blood Bob), Marie-Soleil Boudreau, Gerald Paquette, Mariette Paquette, SAJE Montreal Metro, Crec St-Léonard, Guylaine Gagné, Denis Karegeya, Liette Lamonde (FMMJ), Canadian Youth Business Foundation, Feyzah Abdelmoumen (SACO), Jean Pettigrew, Michel Tourangeau, Claude Moisan (coco), Marc Jutras, Brigitte Berger, Christian Rime, Jade Lamarche, Seen Justice, Victoria Litvin

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