Keepsake Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Game Main Menu
Game Loading Screen
Lighthouse Interactive
In the Forests
At the Academy Door Bell
Academy Main Door Opening
The Fountains are not running
The Dragon Statue
Upper View
Lydia Searching
The Passageway
The Torn Book of a student
In the Garden
Celeste's Doll
The Vision of a Dream
The Students starts disappearing
The Academy's Main Hall
Strange Doll on the bed
Academy's Main Doors are closed
Toward the Academy
The Game Menus introduction
The Merchant
The bottle of wine
The Fountain
Academy's Front
Toward the Lake
This tree talks!
In-game map of the lower complex
Lydia needs figurines to play this game.
Walking outside on a high balcony.
An interesting puzzle
Much needs to be done before this locked gate will open.
Pass 3 "Trials" to gain entry to the upper Academy floors.
We passed!
Lydia's visions are portrayed in sepia in a succession of stills.
The Laboratory
You've changed Zak from a wolf into a cat!
You have found Celeste's bedroom.
Upper section map
As a cat, Zak walks on the roof and sees a dragon!
A good front view of Lydia
Portal Control Room
Another challenging puzzle
Trying to find the Oracle on floating islands.
Lydia and Zak find the elusive Sanctuary entrance.
One of the most challenging puzzles in the game.
About to step into the portal for the end game sequence.