Killing Time Credits (Windows)

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Killing Time Credits


Executive ProducerJoe Ybarra
ProducerJuliAnn Juras Appler
Associate ProducerScott Walker

Logicware Credits

Executive ProducerSteven Parsons
Lead ProgrammerRebecca Ann Heineman (Burger)
System ToolsMichael Lutynski (Mad Dog)
Game DesignerR. Scott Campbell
Level DesignersSteven Parsons, Tristan Anderson (Stryder), Melissa Campbell
Lead ArtistChad Max
Monster ModelsJeff McAteer
TexturesGeoff Butz
Lead TestTristan Anderson (Stryder)
TestersRene Abrahamyan, J. J. Julian, Greg Parsons, Zack Young
Special ThanksMelissa Campbell, Lori Heineman, Kandice Holliday, Carol Matino, Carolyn Parsons, Sarah Shepherd, Caffeine

The 3DO Team

ProgrammingLarry Reed
Technical AdvisorsNicky Robinson, Larry Reed
Intro and Endgame VoiceoverBruce Robertson
Toxic Dung Ball ModelGary Lake-Schaal
Product MarketingRick Reynolds, Todd W. Sitrin
Test ManagerBrian Gilmer
Test LeadMikael Herauf
Assistant Test LeadJohn Lencioni (Prego)
TestersTim Lake, Jason Wildblood
MarketingKaren Klein, Priscilla McGee, Laurie Probst, Neal Robison, Scott Stalcup, Karen White
PRTuesday Uhland, Chris Bateman
Manual WriterHalf Moon
Box DesignMark Galarneau
Manual LayoutMargaret Antonoff
Special ThanksJohn Byrd, Brad Engstrand, Michael S. Jablonn, Chuck Kubota, Julie Renwick, Jeff Sutherland

The Originals

Game DirectorsLarry Reed, Al Tofanelli
Music, Sound FX, Video ScoringRobert Vieira
ArtistsAl Tofanelli, Stefan Henry-Biskup, Liz Beatrice, Grace Chen, Bill Eral, Paul Xander
Maze DesignersMichael S. Jablonn, Peter Carlson, Scott Walker, Keith Bachman
Original Treatment WriterThomas Claburn
A/V EngineersBrad Engstrand, Diana McKenzie, Rachel Mayeri, Jeff Sutherland
Director - Introduction VideoLiz Beatrice
Ghost DialogueJohn Hight
Character Concept ArtistIan McCaign
Interior Design ConceptsMichelle Iacobucci, Flying Colors Inc.
Video ProductionDananxi Studios Inc.
Manual WriterSara Reeder
"Here on This Island" Composed byRobert Vieira
Performed byElizabeth Snyder
Recorded and Mixed byTony Mills (Spark Productions)
"Time Trapped Isle" Composed and Performed byLarry Reed and the Toot Sweet Jazz Band
To order Toot Sweet Albums or book performances call [415] 592-8793

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Credits for this game were contributed by Foxhack (18786)