Written by  :  Kate Jones (480)
Written on  :  Nov 22, 2001
Platform  :  Windows

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Awful port

The Good

Since I've already written a review for the Dreamcast version I'll not bother to again write all the features that Evolution has compared to the original '99 version, instead I'll just skip right ahead to the bad section and describe why this one sucks so bad compared to the Dreamcast port.

The Bad

I'm surprised how many things they managed to do wrong in this version. Okay, where to start... first of all, they've perfectly managed to ruin the graphics somehow. All the character sprites are totally messed up, I tested the game on multiple computers just to confirm it wasn't my hardware's fault, but it really happens on every machine. Which is total shame, they can't even program a routine to properly draw sprites.

The music don't loop perfectly anymore, it just fades out and restarts. Which is plainly odd, they already had the code in the Dreamcast version to loop it perfectly, but still they decided to somehow mess it up.

The controls are... weird... I've only managed to play the computer version with a keyboard so I don't know if a pad will work perfectly or not. But I did compare the controls with playing the original KOF'99 on an emulator and the difference is huge. In the emulator I could with ease do half circles on the keyboard to execute special moves... in the computer version it's completely impossible. With struggle I manage to execute the quarter of a circle to do a fireball, but nothing more advanced than that.

The Bottom Line

Well, the game is just bad compared to the Dreamcast version. If you're going to buy KOF Evolution then do *not* buy this version, it's totally awful compared to the DC version. It's a mystery how they managed to mess up this version so much when they already had a perfect port.