King's Bounty: Armored Princess Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu
Three classes are available: warrior, paladin and mage
Loading screen
Intro: Baal and his army is threatening Endoria
King Mark informs his daughter what needs to be done.
Dialogue with Shivarius, the head magician.
Amelie has to escape through the portal.
The portal takes Amelie to the world of Teana.
Character screen
The castle Regnum. Here I can buy troops and items or have a chat with the king.
One of these baby dragons will soon be yours.
Pet dragon kicks the thorn in the face.
Flags increases Amelie's leadership which is necessary to recruit larger armies.
Stats from a successful battle
Like the player, pet dragon also gets experience and level up.
Burut lives in this castle. He seem to be a little too powerful for me to attack him now
Enemies can now flee before the battle.
I've been spotted by a beholder.
The pet dragon builds a wall which stops the enemy from advancing further
When entering caves, Amelie travels on foot.
Pet dragon puts an egg on the battlefield. It will hatch a unit that fights on the player's side.
One of many side quests have been completed.
Amelie can also travel by boat.
Meeting with a drunk pirate on Scarlet Wind isle.
Fighting an undead army.
Fireball sets enemies on fire with devastating effect
Mechanical droids are a new unit type.
Taking on a whole castle.
Ship battle.
Battling a droid army.
The droid can pull faraway enemies towards him.
This battle takes place inside a barbarian axe.
Dragon plays with magic.
Close-up of a berserker fighting a marauder-
The castle of Verona
One of the bosses
Battle close up
Waterfalls in elven caves
dangerous water-land enemies? Strange fishes
country cottage
swimming chest.
Very ugly fish.
Nice demon.
Tiny dragon vs dragonflies.
even underground enemies attacking heroine