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King's Bounty: Crossworlds (Windows)

King's Bounty: Crossworlds Screenshots

Windows version

Crossworlds allows to play the original Armoured Princess.
The extension Champion of the Arena, a new map.
The extension Defender of the Crown, a new map.
Orcs on the March is Armoured Princess plus the new items, spells and enemies and all the rest listed on the screen.
The new Optimization Module, quite handy for droids, and the Dwarf "companion" which increases critical hits.
Dragon of Chaos is one of the best spells ever, IMHO.
Wanderer Magic doesn't change.
Orcs waits.
Battles - beholders are in both armies.
Our dragon
Underground battle
Dragon versus troll
Cyclops description
Orcs can run - dangerous ability
Enhanced armored princess campaign
Princess in castle
Fight against demons
Inner universe
Main title
Character class selection screen
Waking up in a prison cell
Exploring the prison arena
Arena boss battle against the giant turtle
Milor Oasis
Map of Endoria
Arena boss battle against the giant spider
Character and army info
Defender of the Crown campaign starts at castle Briston
Getting ready to strike at your first enemy, the lizardmen
Crossing the bridge
Starting Orcs on the March campaign, an enhanced Armored Princess game
Special attack hitting multiple enemies