King's Bounty: The Legend Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen (Russian)
The introduction movie shows the different aspects of the game.
Main menu (Russian)
Hall of fame (Russian)
Preferences (Russian)
Credits scrolling at such background (Russian)
Character creation - a warrior this time (Russian)
Character creation - Paladins are a combination of the warrior and the mage, and obtain bonuses when battling the undead and demons.
Character creation - The mage focuses on magical prowess to overcome enemies, with more powerful and effective spells.
The introduction story is told and shown in sketches (Russian)
Loading... (Russian)
"Iron Richard" is your trainer at the beginning...You were covered by Text Dialog...:-)...(Russian)
Character's screen (Russian)
You as a wizard speaking with King Mark...His Infanta Amelie is also in the castle... (Russian)
Riding out the castle gates...(Russian)
Reading the quest journal... not many quests yet...(Russian)
Map of the one of locations (Russian)
At the coast of the deep blue sea (Russian)
At the swamp (Russian)
Tactic battle field (Russian)
In a village at night (Russian)
You are going to fight with a giant turtle. (Russian)
Flying in the zeppelin. (Russian)
Roaming the seas as a Pirate
Fighting with another Pirate.
Flying on platform in Demonis
Talking with Tree of Life.
"Zooming" technique allows you to open Dwarven mechanical lock.
The path to Pyramid of Fandor is opened after finding all his Obelisks.
Train is ready to depart with you in Mehsgard.
You were defeated.
Finishing the game will finally embed you in the King's Bounty hall of fame!
Stone Spirit Zerock
Ice Spirit Lina
Swamp Spirit Sleem
Reaper (also a Spirit of Rage)
You may end up fighting a Kraken.
The Spider Queen is one creepy boss.