King's Quest II: Romancing the Stones Credits


Game DesignBritney K. Brimhall (Anonymous Game Developer #1), Christopher T. Warren (Anonymous Game Developer #2)
ArtBritney K. Brimhall (Anonymous Game Developer #1), Christopher T. Warren (Anonymous Game Developer #2)
MusicTom Lewandowski, Dianne Lewandowski
WritingDaniel Stacey, Cadbury Wookie
Adventure Game Studio EngineChris Jones


King GrahamJosh Mandel
King Neptune, King Edward, Trident, Hagatha, Golden FishChristopher T. Warren
Boatman, Disciple of the Cloud, Cloud Spirit, Connor, Elderly Man, Lion Statues, Door of DestinyChristopher T. Warren
Anastasia, Baby Pumpkin, Librarian, PossumBritney K. Brimhall
Minister Gervain, MerchantDylan Nagel
Countess LavidiaAngelle
Count Caldaur, CedricRichard Aronson
The FatherTam Tu Bui
AngelinaHope Kodman
The Sharkee KingMatthew Meaby
Yong King EdwardCris Skelton
Haystack Creature, Ghost FatherDaniel Stacey
The Dwarf, Mama PumpkinEarth Sun Warren

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Credits for this game were contributed by Zack Green (1186), Sciere (502176) and Jeanne (76599)