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King's Quest: Mask of Eternity (Windows)

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King's Quest: Mask of Eternity Credits


DesignMark Seibert, Roberta Williams
Art DirectorJason Piel
ProgrammingScott Bodenbender, Alan B. Clark, Jim Edwards, John McKinnie, Jeff Orkin, Jeff Pobst, Adam Szofran, David Wenger
Graphics / 3D ProgrammingRay Bornstein, Robert Munsil, John Piel, Barry Sundt, William Todd Bryan, Marc Vulcano, Ethan Walker, Jason Zayas
MusicBen Houge, Kevin Manthei, Mark Seibert
SoundBen Houge
ProducerMark Seibert
DirectorMark Seibert
Writing / Dialogue / StoryRoberta Williams
PlaytestingKate Ashley, Chris Canavan, Alan Chan, Lars Christensen, Robert Glover, Mark Goodman, Chris Kateff, Noah Koontz, Linda Lindley, Wesley Litt, Geoffrey Keighley, Tom Marley, Sherry Marshall, Steve Martino, Jeff Miller, Michael O'Brien, Michael Piontek, Della Rogers, Michael Shavelson, Charles S. Solen, Robin Ward, Stuart Young, Corey van der Lann
Quality AssuranceJulie Bazuzi, Ishmael Burns, Jennifer Keenan, Paul McClelland, David McGee, Marc Nagel, Kate Powell, Noel Prude, Gary Stevens, Jay Wilson
UndeterminedMikhail Agadzhanov, Steve Conrad, Alberto Eufrasio, Layne Gifford, Rob Kenny, Mark Martino, William O'Brian, John Shroades
Special Thanks ToScott Lynch, J. Mark Hood, Jim Murphy, Zippy the Incredible Inflatable Spitting Wonder Llama, The World Famous Talking Bear
CastScott S. Bullock (Connor, King Mudge), Jennifer Darling (Lady of the Lake, Swamp Wisp, Unicorn, Ugly Beast), Bill Farmer (King Gryph, Weirdling Tradesman), Ben Houge (Ferryman, Skeleton #1), Nick Jameson (Daventry Official, Sage Gnome), Mary Kay Bergman (Apothecary Gnome, Swamp Witch), Kevin Michael Richardson (Lord Azrie, Lucreto, Prophet Tree), Darren Norris (Ice Lord, King Graham, Weapon Seller Gnome), Jan Rabson (Crystal Mystic, Henchman), Neil Ross (Archon, Spirit Knight, Wizard), Philece Sampler (Queen Freesa, Swamp Wisp), Kirsten Seibert (Gwennie), Richard Steven Horovitz (Ice Orc Foot Soldier, Skeleton #2, Swamp Wisp), Tasia Valenza (Sara, Sylph), James Kevin Ward (Armor Seller Gnome, Hillman, Unseen Voice)
Voice RecordingHollywood Recording Services
Lead Voice RecordingMark Howlett
DREAMS SoftwareBen Houge
Original Music CompositionKevin Manthei, Ben Houge, Mark Seibert
Box DesignDan Amdur, James Veevaert
DocumentationMark Seibert, Cheryl Sweeney, Roberta Williams
QA ManagementGary Stevens
QA Management AssistantKen Eaton
QA LeadBernadette Pryor
QA EngineeringErinn Hamilton
QA PC‑EngineeringPat Callahan
QA CompatibilityByron Hummel

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