Written by  :  esural (14)
Written on  :  Aug 12, 2000
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Disgusting. Are you sure that Sierra did this game?

The Good

The character graphics are bad but the backgrounds are perfect. (With the poor map designs) The puzzles were designed perfect. Scenario is not bad but not good.

The Bad

Map designs are too bad. The first level is not that bad but later they become horrible. I think the designers don't have any creativity. The good graphics that gave a good atmosphere to the series were destroyed. The game's graphics are made with a new graphic engine and that destroys the good atmosphere of King's Quest series. It gives an atmosphere like an action game... ...And it is, this game is mostly an action game with too little puzzles. There are always fights. And the fights bore you quickly. To kill a monster? At first click on the weapons picture and click on the monster repeatedly. To kill a boss monster? Click on the weapon's picture and click on the boss repeatedly but this time do it much faster than a crazy person can. And this time Roberta Williams didn't think much about the scenario this time. The scenario is too bad for an adventure game (well, saying action only is better than saying adventure) There are many bad things to say about this game but it will take your life to read this review if I tell them.

The Bottom Line

This game is a dirt and it must be cleaned.