Written by  :  Dr.Bedlam (56)
Written on  :  Dec 07, 2002
Platform  :  Windows

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Great idea, mediocre execution

The Good

Rock and roll superheroes? Sure! The four members of Kiss, fighting their way through corrupted amusement parks and deserted gothic landscapes, hacking apart oceans of hideous horrors seen only in hallucinations and on heavy metal album covers? Great! And, oh, the monsters... mutant clowns... horrible crustacean Headless... horrors that would have given Lovecraft nightmares, and beautifully rendered!

The Bad

Y'know, for a game featuring a band, one would have expected there to be more of the band's MUSIC in there. Aside from a few brief instances, there isn't any. Spawners. There are various widgets here and there in the game that sit and spawn monsters out the wazoo, and will continue to do so until you destroy them. Dealing with an infinite supply of monsters isn't anyone's idea of fun, I don't think. Ultimately, this game features very little you won't find in any other shooter out there... there are flickers of inspiration, but very little is done with it. It LOOKS great... but in practice, it's never much more than mediocre.

The Bottom Line

I bought this one out of a bargain bin for five bucks, and at that price, I got an excellent deal... but unless you're just desperate for a new shooter, or you're a KISS collector, this one is safe enough to miss. It's not BAD... it's just not very GOOD, if you know what I mean...