Knight Moves Ad Blurbs (Windows)

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Advertising Blurbs

    Knight Moves successfully combines stunning computer-generated characters with mind-boggling, addictive gameplay. The playing piece is a noble knight with its signature one-over-two-up "L" move. The object of the game is to maneuver the knight from one part of the board to another, capturing swords, avoiding the monster opponents, and advancing to the next level.

    An evil force, the Adversary, has traveled the world for ages in his magic tower making up deadly games and forcing human challengers to participate. No challenger who has entered his tower has ever reappeared. Now, the Adversary has invaded your land. You are a ready and noble knight who must descend through all the levels of his tower and stop the Adversary for all time.

    Your knight will face many monster enemies in over 50 nonstop matches, matching wits on a variety of different game boards. The enemies have one goal: to capture and destroy your knight. Always moving, always eluding your pursuers, you must make it to the bottom of the tower to win.

    Power-ups will grant you special temporary abilities in your efforts to defeat the monsters and progress through increasingly harder matches on each level. All this is presented in Knight Moves' multimedia greatness, including beautiful Super VGA graphics and full music and sound support.

    Contributed by 6⅞ of Nine (1363) on May 31, 2009.