Knight Moves Credits (Windows)

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Knight Moves Credits


Original IdeaAlexey L. Pajitnov


Executives in Charge of ProductionPeter Sills, Mark Achler
Product ManagerLou Zucaro
ProgrammerBoris Remus
Game DesignerDoug Snook
Lead ArtistDoug Snook
3‑D ArtistTonya Lyle-Glaister
Special Thanks toBill Dempsey, Andrew Glaister, Lori Larson, Ken Louise, Raymond Lyle, Tony Sherman, Greg Snook, Stripe

What in the World Productions

MusicDeenie Hamacher, Brad Rudolph

Spectrum Holobyte

ProducersMichael Mancuso, Joe Ward
Level DesignMatthew Archambault, Michael Mancuso, James Green
Sound DirectorPaul Mogg
Product MarketingStephen M. Haney Jr., Chris Deyo
Marketing ServicesKathryn Lynch
DocumentationHart Nelson, Marisa Ong
QA LeadMatthew Archambault
Quality AssuranceBoris Polonsky, Sergio Vuskovic, Anthony Constantino
Compatibility TestingJay Stockton
SGI PrototypingMarc Reynolds
Special Thanks toMarjorie DeWilde, Rita Harrington, Holly Hartz, Vansouk Lianemany, Daniel Lucas, Brian Oldham, Jerome Paterno, Kathy Sanguinetti, Leslie Simmons, Wi Kian Tang, Kip Welch

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