Knights of Honor Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Intro Video - An army on the march
Main menu
Multiplayer game setup screen
Single player menu -- Quick game is just a single battle, play on europe is the full game
Choose the time period you play, the difficulty, and the country. Countries vary depending on the time period. Flags match the real-life flags and information about each country is given
Starting the game in the Highlands - the 3 people shown under the town name are people available to recruit into the army
Here is the overland map at the beginning of the Early Middle Ages, before anyone conquers anyone else
This is your royal family. View the king, queen, princes, and princesses here. Set your heir and, if you think you're worthy, attempt to become the ultimate emperor of Europe
Are you stuck? Do you need help figuring out what something is in the game? Check the Royal Library for terms, FAQ, and more
Your balance sheet will let you know where your money is coming from and going (the other tabs show similar information about books and religion)
Adding more buildings to your town will let you get better units, increase town defense, get trade goods, and more
Every now and then, information like this will appear (it will show the leader in one of the game's rankings)
Attacking a town. Assault lets the computer handle the fight and I'll Lead lets you handle the fight
Before the battle starts (if you're leading it), you will be shown where the units are
Here is where you fight your battles when you lead them. As you can see, I'm losing... it's time for a retreat
Defeat is bitter
One of the many things you can do in the game is to unite a modern country from the multiple countries of the past. If you choose to change your name, you'll get a reward as shown here
If your people rebel, you'll need to defeat them. And, when you do, you'll see this
Kingdom Advantages are very important. If you manage to collect all the parts (small squares), you'll get an advantage (big square), which will give you some powerful bonuses. If you get all 10 adva
If anyone tries to become the emperor over all of Europe, a vote takes place among the major countries. A 2/3 vote is needed to become the emperor
As time goes on, your country will expand (hopefully) and you might have a country larger than real-life. Whoever heard of Scots being so powerful? And that's just the beginning! Heh!
Easily see what is happening in your cities
Kingdom Rankings will show the top countries in various things (army strength, gold, population happiness, most hated/liked country, etc)
Sometimes, a country will approach you with diplomatic requests
Or, you can initiate the diplomacy
Sometimes, to get peace with another country, tributes can be offered, or demanded
Try to keep your towns happy, or you risk having to put down a rebellion
How to conquer a city: First crush the walls...
...then use long range artillery to "remove" the defenders...
...and in the last step hunt down the remaining opponent forces.