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    Knights of the Cross is a strategic game based upon true historical facts from the famous Polish novel wrote by Henryk Sienkiewicz. The events of the game take place in the 15th century, the period before and after the battle of Tannenberg (Grünwald) in the year 1410, one of most important battles of medieval history and one of great importance for both Polish and German history. A Knight of the Cross is the name of the Germanic Order of Teutonic Knights (their actual title was "The Order of Knights of the Hospital of St. Mary of the Teutons in Jerusalem). This monastic order of knightly Crusaders, having left the holy land, was empowered by Pope Clement III , and the Holy Roman Emperor Fredrick II, who in 1226, authorised these ‘crusaders’ to invade ‘pagan’ Poland, Lithuanian and Estonian lands to bring them back into the Catholic religion. In reality, they were out to carve a kingdom for themselves and reduce Poland to a vassal of the Holy Roman Emperor . The name of the warriors came from their appearance, white tunics and coats emblazoned with the black Teotonic crosses. The powerful army of the Christian Polish kingdom stood alone against these Knights of the Cross and their invasion based on land expansion.

    You are one of these Christian lords choosing your side. As a knight you have your own army, making use of it in many missions given to you by your master - either : Vladislav V, King of Poland or The Grand Master of the Teutonic Order. The war between the German Teutonic Order and the Polish Kingdom is in itself a great challenge for each strategist. Each side of the conflict has its own unique set of armament and units; knowledge of weaknesses and strong points can be a decisive factor in winning the battle. Choose your favourite side and make use of its tactics, history and strategic skills. Can you, the player, change history by your strategy?
    • Two independent campaigns, two sides of the conflict: The Polish Kingdom and the Knights of the Cross

    • 102 Battles! 49 Polish, 53 German played on beautifully rendered environmental terrain maps

    • A Minimum of 50 hours of play and long evenings of addicting fun

    • Each campaign is controlled by a knight with his own army following. After each battle he may buy new units or upgrade his old ones. Choose a unit and buy new equipment: swords, new armour, longbows or crossbows for them the choice is yours

    • Effects of weather play a large part in the game. The direction of the wind and its influence on distance and aiming affects the precision of your bowmen

    • Detailed historic units and balanced units for each side of the conflict

    • 23 Polish and 23 German battle maps which can be played in the skirmish mode

    • Amazing battlefields with incredible detail, such as flying birds, running water, smoke and other lifelike effects

    • Changing weather conditions - rain, snow, storms as well as sunny days

    • Original, medieval music accompanied by realistic sounds enhance the players feel of the period

    Contributed by Xa4 (311) on Apr 21, 2006.
    The Teutonic campaign is conducted from the point of view of a Teutonic knight and it is governed by rules similar to those of the Polish campaign. Your task is to do whatever you can for the Teutonic Order to win the war against Poland.

    Apart from the game played in the campaign mode you play fight also individual battles. 23 battles have been prepared for every party. Due to the fact that the Teutonic campaign differs totally from the Polish one, you have 46 various battles at your disposal. Some battles are small, others are fought with a big number of units. Since on average one battle takes hour, the time needed to play all scenario battles is minimum 60 hours.

    ‘Teutonic Order' is a network game available through the IPX and TCP/IP protocols. There are 23 maps for network game available in three different modes. A map editor is also appended.

    The game scenario is non-linear therefore if you play this game one more time it is possible that you will fight other battles with other forces joining you. The game is divided into two campaigns, the Polish and the Teutonic Order's one. The Polish campaign has in total 49 battles, the Teutonic Order's has 53.

    Twenty battles is the minimum number of battles allowing to finish the game at Malbork or Cracow. Time of both campaigns is minimum 50 hours. The Polish campaign is conducted from the point of view of a knight with his own army and a castle. In the course of the game you may acquire more forces so as to help the king in the war. Unfortunately, you can also fall into trouble and finally lose your castle or even your life. In this case the game will end with your defeat.

    Contributed by Xa4 (311) on Apr 21, 2006.