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Knytt Stories (Windows)

Knytt Stories Windows Install screen


100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

Knytt Stories Credits


Main ProgrammerNicklas Nygren (Nifflas -
Custom MMF ExtensionsJamie McLaughlin (AquadaSoft -, LIJI []
Third Party ToolsLennard Sprong (X_Sheep)
Music Libraryd fast [], Kevin Chow (Gopher -, Nicklas Nygren (Nifflas -, trompkins [], Yann Van der Cruyssen (Nurykabe -
Tileset LibraryAdam, Arvi Teikari (Hempuli), Chironex, David Newton, Drakkan, Fastrecords [], Fraser Mills (Fredulom -, Gorfinhofin, HaPK PerCar [], Hauke Petersen, Jackson Potter (Squee), Johanna Kanon, Joshua Green, Julian Winter (, Karl-Johan Nilsson, Kevin [Echograph], Lars A. Doucet (, Lennard Sprong (X_Sheep), LIJI [], LimeLemon [], LPChip [], Markham Carroll (, Michael Vendittelli (, Moto ex Fan, Movie Man 12, Mr. Monkey, Mylveri, Nate E, Nicklas Nygren (Nifflas -, Olli Ström (Jace -, Paula [Girl from mars], Richard Dunn (Arcturus -, Robin O'Connell (Pie_Sniper -, Sara Sandberg, Sergio Cornaga, Sherman [sma], Simon Jonsson, Tanner Hendrickson (frodo091), Theo Swartz (TheoX), wthndPfrst, Yann Van der Cruyssen (Nurykabe -, Zenth, Zonhin, Zé Pedro Quintanilha (PONTO)
Sound EffectsFastrecords [], Nicklas Nygren (Nifflas -, Troupe Gammage (troupe -
Sample Libraries Usedall in one [sample arena -], iFX Games [Zero-G -], Studio Box Nature [Best Service -]
Beta TestingAndreas Eie (Knytt), Arvi Teikari, Arvid Staaf (Inkoddi -, Chironex, Drakkan, d fast [], Diego Oliveira (Aphelios), Drule [], Effect, Fastrecords [], Fraser Mills (Fredulom -, Gorfinhofin, HaPK PerCar [], James Shain (JDruid), Jean Villy Edberg, Joona Karjalainen (lilmanjs16), Joshua Green, Kevin [echograph], Lennard Sprong (X_Sheep), LIJI [], LimeLemon [], LPChip [], Moto ex Fan, Mr. Monkey, Nate E, Olli Ström (Jace -, Robin O'Connell (Pie_Sniper -, Robtcee, Richard Dunn (Arcturus -, Sergio Cornaga, Sherman [sma], Tanner Hendrickson (frodo091), Theo Swartz (TheoX), Yann Van der Cruyssen (Nurykabe -, Zonhin, Zé Pedro Quintanilha (PONTO)
DialogueKevin Chow (Gopher -, Nicklas Nygren (Nifflas -
Thanks toSara Sandberg, ATTACA ‑, Everybody at Nifflas' Support Forum, Läs & Hör Umeå, The regulars of #modarchive - espernet, My family/friends/relatives

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