Knytt Stories Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Install screen
Tutorial level
The collected items are shown in the top left corner.
Level selection (with the expansion installed.)
Introduction to The Machine scenario
Juni's neighbourhood has changed a lot.
An enemy firing.
Slimy cave
Jump over the balls the machine is firing.
This is Henna who wrote the letter.
Another cave
There are some Knytts living down here.
The umbrella should be in this area.
A dark forest
Floating down with the umbrella.
Watch out for the spikes.
Snowy area at the top of the level.
The umbrella allows you to reach areas that would have been impossible to reach in the original Knytt.
Minions of The Machine - Juni glows red when they are nearby.
The Machine itself
Henna is happy now that nature has been restored.
The entire level looks different after turning off the machine.
Level editor
An Underwater Adventure scenario (start)
Skyflower scenario
There are some weird shapes in this one.
A Strange Dream scenario (title screen)
A Strange Dream scenario (introduction)
A Strange Dream (start)
Some cute animals being cute.