Kohan II: Kings of War (Windows)

Kohan II: Kings of War Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
Setting up a multiplayer game
Select your campaign for the single player game
Every mission begins with a short introduction
An introduction video... nice graphics for spells
This is Naava. Other heroes will also join you
This is the recruiting interface for custom groups (grayed out units aren't available yet)
The game is zoomable so that you can watch your units close-up
Here is a Mammut Herd (harmless if you leave them alone). Notice the footprints
Various independent buildings can be captured or destroyed to gain gold and/or upgrades
Attacking an outpost. The banners show which teams are fighting (red and blue in this case)
Finishing a mission gives you results such as these
This is the editor. It's similar to editors of other RTS games
All too ready for the final fight.
Rushing to relieve my city before the enemy can take it over.