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ZTGameDomain (Jun 20, 2012)
For fifteen dollars, you get a well-made dungeon crawler that fans of Dawn of War and Diablo will completely eat up. The game has a lot of charm in the character design and an in-depth take on crafting and character customization. With online co-op on the way, the inexpensive price tag makes the game a complete steal. I highly recommend Krater.
Overall, Krater is a lot of fun to play. It almost looks like more of a straight adventure game than one set in an apocalyptic future. Things are just a bit too colorful, a bit to pretty, to be the aftermath of a nuclear war. But the world looks great, so that can be forgiven. I guess the Swedes are more jovial than other developers. In any case Krater will really appeal to action gamers who like lots of combat, lots of smashing and a few laughs. You have to be on your game the whole time you play, and it's been a while since a game could get my heart rate up a bit.
Level (Aug 21, 2012)
Krater este un joc cu un potențial fantastic, dar care are nevoie să fie și exploatat.
PC Games (Germany) (Jun, 2012)
Es ist schon mutig, jetzt ein Action-Rollenspiel zu veröffentlichen, obwohl gerade die ganze Welt Diablo 3 spielt. Und doch geht die Rechnung der Schweden auf, was vor allem daran liegt, dass das Setting und der Humor von Krater sehr eigenständig sind. Leider geht dem Spiel nach einer Weile die Puste ein wenig aus: Die Story kommt nicht wirklich in Fahrt, die Gegnertypen bieten wenig bis gar keine Abwechslung (Bären, Ratten, Hunde, Wildschweine und Banditen) und neue Fähigkeiten gesellen sich auch nicht zum Repertoire der Helden. Dennoch macht das Spiel Laune und ist ein netter Action-RPG-Zwischenhappen.
GameStar (Germany) (Jun 19, 2012)
Krater macht mich traurig. Die erste Stunde im Spiel war super, auch wenn ich mich etwas blöd angestellt habe (was ich auf die schwache Einführung schiebe). Danach sind mir aber mehr und mehr Baustellen aufgefallen, große wie kleine. Warum gibt es keine Formationen, die ich meiner Gruppe zuweisen kann? Warum bleibt meine Gruppe stehen, wenn ich auf Beute außerhab der Reichweite klicke, anstatt dahin zu laufen? Krater hat eine Menge Potenzial. Das Szenario ist erfrischend neu und sehr interessant, über Dialogwitz und Charakterdesign muss ich nicht noch mehr Worte verlieren. Ich lege das Spiel erst mal beiseite, krame es in ein paar Monaten aber sicher nochmal raus, wenn die Entwickler das Gröbste herausgepatcht haben.
70 (Jun 18, 2012)
De tekniske problemer er rigtig ærgerlige i forhold til, at Krater virkelig er et sympatisk indie-projekt. Det er Fatsharks plan at implementere co-op og multiplayerspil samt at udvide universet endnu mere, og selvom det er godt at sigte højt, så er det også vigtigt at få grundstenene på plads først. Vent derfor en måneds tid med at investere de €13.99 på Steam, så vil spillet sandsynligvis fungere langt bedre, og prisen repræsentere rigtig god og lang underholdningsværdi.
Darkstation (Jul 26, 2012)
Krater offers an interesting take on post-apocalyptic games and utilizes strategic maneuvers while engaged in combat, but it felt a bit dragged out and of course, I went a little click happy. Although the story was okay, I felt that the gameplay was repetitive and the point-and-click tactic was getting tired. It’s got some fun RPG elements, but the strategy wears thin when you begin to fight the same way continuously, just because it works. I liked the idea of the squad based movements, but that can get you pretty frustrated if you haven’t upgraded or leveled up your squadmates enough. I’ve died a lot and lost a big part of my team when my Regulator died. If you’ve enjoyed Torchlight or even Dungeon Defenders, you may want to take some time to try out this game. It does keep you entertained from time to time and allows you to enjoy the story it offers. The game is always updated with fixes and patches.
Game Watcher (Jun 29, 2012)
Krater has a lot of promise but it ends up as a genuinely average game. That’s not a blemish on it, it’s the truth. It could have been a lot better, but at the same it had the risk of ending up a lot worse. Krater presents an intriguing world, a new take on character development and clever design but at the same time the design choices to support its interesting mechanics are the negatives.
Game Vortex (Jun 28, 2012)
Krater's colorful setting makes a compelling world to adventure in, but the gameplay and frequent party resets simply become too much of a burden to make the journey worth it.
Hooked Gamers (Jun 26, 2012)
Despite the issues of the low level cap, the tiny font for loot details and the voice acting afterthought, Krater is a fun game to play. It is easy to get into even for novice role players. It could almost be classed as an RPG-lite sort of game, due to the small number of classes and character stats. But being in control of a small squad, the less micromanagement of the characters makes for a more enjoyable experience. The visual splendour of the landscape, not normally associated with a post apocalyptic world is another nice touch. With the amount of area to cover and towns to visit, gamers will certainly need plenty of time to get through it all. There is a main quest line that can be completed, but there are enough quest givers throughout the towns to keep you busy elsewhere. And with word from the developers that they are planning on adding extra locations, the game is certainly worth the purchase price.
65 (Jun 20, 2012)
Krater ist ein solides Action-Rollenspiel vor interessanter Endzeitkulisse, das vor allem ambitionierte Jäger und Sammler ansprechen dürfte. Es gibt viel zu entdecken, zu erbeuten und zu experimentieren in der bizarren Trichterwelt. Die Geschichten hinter den fruchtbaren Böden, maskierten Bewohnern und verheißungsvollen Tunneln sind hingegen ziemlich blass und auch die austauschbaren Auftragshelden von der Stange sorgen nicht gerade für Begeisterung. Wirklich enttäuschend ist aber nur das Fehlen des versprochenen Koop-Modus', der immerhin noch vor der inhaltlichen Komplettierung durch zwei große Bezahl-Add-Ons kostenlos nachgereicht werden soll. Bewerten lässt sich aber natürlich nur der aktuelle Zustand und da klafft zumindest für Teamspieler ein großes Loch...
65 (Jun 25, 2012)
Ci eravamo avvicinati ad Krater con un certo grado di aspettativa, inizialmente soddisfatta da alcune idee interessanti, ma rovinata nelle successive ore di gameplay. Avere a disposizione un party da gestire tatticamente duranti i combattimenti, così come la morte permanente dei membri dello stesso, avrebbero potuto garantire una certa originalità al titolo, ma purtroppo riescono solo a generare frustrazione e distacco. Rovinando in parte il divertimento. Il risultato è un gioco che non riesce a coinvolgere quanto dovrebbe, proponendo sì un certo divertimento a chi non si lascia intimorire dal grinding, ma a conti fatti limitando fortemente l'offerta ludica. Potrebbero risollevarne le sorti i DLC già annunciati che introdurranno una componente multiplayer cooperativa e competitiva, oltre a nuove location e missioni, ma se non venissero rivisti alcuni aspetti chiave del gameplay, difficilmente il titolo riuscirà a conquistarsi un nutrito pubblico di affezionati.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Aug 31, 2012)
Krater weet te verrassen dankzij een unieke stijl en charmante wereld, maar het gebrek aan diepgang en de onafgewerkte indruk strooien jammer genoeg roet in het eten.
60 (Jul 02, 2012)
Disposant d'un background intéressant et de quelques idées sympathiques, Krater se saborde de lui-même à cause d'un leveling mal pensé, d'un système de sauvegarde catastrophique, de quêtes peu passionnantes et de combats vite répétitifs. Si de futurs patchs devraient résoudre plusieurs problèmes énoncés dans ce test, tout en nous offrant une version localisée et le mode Coop annoncé, en l'état, le hack'n slash de Fatshark frustre plus qu'il n'amuse et ce, malgré ses 60 lieux à visiter et son univers atypique.
60 (Jul 18, 2012)
För sitt ringa pris, är Krater inte en dålig investering, men det är inte ett nytt Torchlight. Jag kommer med spänning att se fram mot de kommande uppdateringarna, men trots att Fatshark haft samtliga av mina favoritfärger på sin palett är det nuvarande motivet lite för simplistiskt och håller mig inte intresserad någon längre stund.
Gamereactor (Finland) (Jun 29, 2012)
Arvion alkupuolen mukaisesti itsenäiseltä studiolta odottaa aina jotain erilaista ja uutta, ja Kraterin kohdalla nämä kriteerit kyllä täyttyvät. Valitettavasti uuden ja oivaltavan pelimekaniikan tai tarinankerronnan sijaan peli odottaa pelaajan ihastuvan vääntämään samoissa maisemissa kourallisella erikoiskykyjä ilman tuntuvaa edistymistä tai uuden löytämistä. Ainakin allekirjoittaneen mielestä Fatshark otti toimintaroolipelistään väärät asia ulos ja pisti uudet, eri tavalla väärät asiat sisään. Tuleva moninpelipäivitys voi pelastaa hieman kovin valjuksi jäävästä lopputuloksesta, mutta ilman isoa muiden osa-alueiden uudelleensuunnittelua Krater jää suutariksi.
Gamereactor (Denmark) (Jun 24, 2012)
Især med tanke på hvor stærk genren er og bliver, når både Torchlight 2 og XCOM udkommer lige rundt om hjørnet. Hvor meget jeg end gerne ville anbefale dette spil, så kan det ikke beskrives som andet end middelmådigt, og det kan gode hensigter og svensk næstekærlighed ikke lave om på. Så vil man en tur under jorden, så ville jeg hellere anbefale at fatte en spade og grave hullet selv, for Krater kan kun stille sulten for dem som hungrer allermest efter genren.
Gamereactor (Sweden) (Jun 18, 2012)
Krater: Shadow over Solside är det första spelet i en planerad serie på totalt tre som skall släppas. Nästa del väntas i höst och har titeln "Pledge of the Patriarch". Jag håller tummarna för att alla problem kommer att vara lösta tills dess. För trots sina brister så förtjänar Krater en publik. Svensk eller ej.
60 (Jul 03, 2012)
Krater har et høyt potensial, men det klarer altså ikke helt å nå det. Underveis i spillingen hadde jeg ofte en følelse av at ting var på vei til å bli bedre rett rundt neste hjørne, men det var sjeldent jeg hadde rett. Jeg vil likevel beskrive helhetsopplevelsen som underholdende, og jeg liker spillet såpass at jeg vil anbefale tilhengere av sjangeren å ta en titt. Det er ikke usannsynlig at du blir lei lenge før du har fullført Krater, men før det skjer har du i alle fall fått noen ganske så hyggelige timer med spillet allerede.
60 (Jul 03, 2012)
Krater è un prodotto che non può far leva sul solo appeal grafico e finisce ben presto per deludere le entusiastiche premesse iniziali, a causa di un gameplay troppo semplificato e alla lunga ridondante, e ad una trama che, nonostante la ricchezza dei dialoghi, fa fatica a decollare. Questa Shadow of Solside, main release che sarà seguita da altri 2 DLC nel corso dell’anno corrente, non può, almeno allo stato attuale, aspirare ad un posto nell’olimpo degli Hack & Slash. Non ci resta che sperare, seppur con un certo scetticismo, in modifiche sostanziali al gameplay nei futuri DLC.
Level 7 (Jul 01, 2012)
Krater är ett strategiskt actionrollspel som utspelar sig i ett postapokalyptiskt Sverige. Att knata runt i den förstörda landsbygden är dessvärre inte lika kul som det borde vara på grund av ett alltför begränsat stridssystem och ett antal buggar. Tack vare en stor dos charm och regelbundna uppdateringar lyckas Krater ändå klättra över gränsen till godkänt. Förhoppningsvis tar spelet ytterligare steg när fler uppdateringar har ramlat in.
RPGFan (Jul 10, 2012)
I really came into this game wanting to like it. As I said in my preview of the alpha version, it showed promise. That promise just never seems to be realized in the final version of the game. Admittedly, a bug stopped me from finishing it, but I saw nothing in the hours I put into playing the game that would cause me to think that the gameplay was going to get any deeper. I enjoyed the care that was put into making this feel like a unique world, but that wasn't enough to lift the game out of the eponymous Krater and onto the mountain peaks of fun.
Game Informer Magazine (Jul 02, 2012)
The good idea at Krater’s core is buried under a pile of boring, repetitive chaff. Developer Fatshark is promising regular patches with new content, and there’s a co-op mode scheduled for a mid-July release. I can see a future in which Krater’s issues are mitigated with additional development effort, but right now I strongly suggest waiting to see if Fatshark can pull it off.
Destructoid (Jun 25, 2012)
Looking back at my 11-hour journey into apathy, I now discover that my emotions have changed more than anything in the game itself. I've gone from love to like to ambivalence to hate. How did I get here?
50 (Jun 26, 2012)
Det var den bristen på idé och variation som gjorde att jag slutade spela onlinerollspel. Det är dock inte tillräckligt för att få mig sluta spela Krater än på en stund, men det är tillräckligt för att dra ned betyget en del. Humorn och grafiken räcker långt men inte så långt som jag tror att Fatshark siktade. Därför blir Krater som helhet en besvikelse. Det finns gott om potential där men man behöver slipa en hel del på det.
XGN (Jun 22, 2012)
Helaas kunnen de mooie graphics en geluidseffecten deze game niet redden. Krater was erg beloftevol maar ergens tijdens de ontwikkeling is het helemaal fout gegaan. De eerste uren kun je heel wat plezier beleven met het vechten, maar daarna gaat het bergaf en zul je de hele tijd in herhaling vallen. De co-op modus ontbreekt nog op dit moment, maar dit zou volgens ons de score niet sterk kunnen beïnvloeden. Krater kun je best links laten liggen, om gewoon te wachten op deel twee van de trilogie.
Vandal Online (Jun 26, 2012)
Tal y como comentábamos al principio de este análisis, Krater es un juego que podría haber llegado a ser mucho más, pero sus múltiples errores de programación, su frustrante sistema de progresión de personajes, basado en castigarnos por cada uno de nuestros avances al obligarnos a volver atrás, y lo repetitivo de su sistema de combate, terminan por dinamitar el producto hasta límites insospechados. Además, la historia no es nada del otro mundo y si no sabemos inglés nos la perderemos, ya que no ha llegado ni con subtítulos en español, aunque se espera que dentro de unos meses se acaben implementando por medio de un parche. A pesar de todo esto, ofrece mucho contenido por los 13,99 euros que cuesta. Eso sí, siempre y cuando seamos capaces de soportar su insufrible grindeo.
GameSpot (Jul 03, 2012)
Sadly, Krater never finds a way to distinguish itself from other, better action RPGs out there. At first, the distinctive Swedish setting is alluring, and the ethereal music that plays on the world map lends this land an enchanted feel. But soon each area you visit looks a lot like an area you've already visited, and the tendency of your squad members to utter the same silly statements over and over again begins to grate. And so, bogged down by rote combat and a frustrating leveling system, the act of exploring Krater's large world loses its luster. Currently there are nonfunctioning buttons in menus for online multiplayer options, and you never know what the future will bring. But as it stands, there are far more rewarding adventures for would-be fortune hunters to embark on.
DarkZero (Jun 26, 2012)
I can’t help but feel disappointed in Krater. I was going into the game on a high as the premise sounded great. Even though the game didn’t quite hit those expectations, that’s not to say that I don’t find Krater likeable. There were parts where I was having fun with the combat, loving the great customization building and amused at the game’s satire humour and self-awareness. With every good there was a bad to bring it down though. The lack of moves, the repetition in design, swappable heroes and feeling incomplete left an after taste in my mouth that could have not been there if the game developers gave Krater more time. Ultimately, Krater is a somewhat enjoyable action-RPG with some neat ideas and great personality. Sadly, personality doesn’t mean it’s a great game and some of the design choices make it hard for me to easily recommend this title to anyone who has yet to play any of the other brilliant action-RPGs on the market.
AusGamers (Jun 22, 2012)
Krater features a great visual style and setting, plenty of content for such a budget-conscious price-point, and even a sometimes-exceptional soundtrack that conjures up feelings of Blade Runner meets Mass Effect. Perhaps a lot of the issues with the game could be fixed with patches and expansions, like the planned co-op implementation that is coming, as the core foundation and concept is still enticing. But in its current state Krater is a disappointment, and due to its indie pedigree, even more so than the latest Terrorists are Bad Guys, So Let’s Shoot Them 7: Modern Edition.
IGN (Jun 20, 2012)
Krater promises you a juicy carrot and then clobbers you with the big stick. Without that addictive sense of another reward waiting around the next corner to keep you pushing along, the gameplay loses steam rather quickly. Punishing players for staying the course through lengthy grind sessions seems counterintuitive when the idea is to generally keep people playing. The issues with this first installment don't bode well for the planned trilogy, which is a shame, since the underlying concept and personality found in Krater are strong. But not strong enough to carry the dead weight of some seriously mind-boggling design choices.
Cheat Happens (Jun 26, 2012)
I really wanted to love Krater -- and you will too. I wanted it to be the low cost alternative to Diablo that a lot of you really want, and in some ways, it is just that, but in others, it's not even close. Mechanics are broken and seem to be put in place just to limit the player. The game's creativity seems to be a mere overlay, and runs dry just as fast. It may seem tempting to jump the fence, but trust me, stick with Diablo.
Absolute Games ( (Sep 12, 2012)
Игра — боль. Игра — унижение. Игра, которая может лишить рассудка, а взамен наполнит ваши сны разноцветными медведями.
40 (Jun 22, 2012)
Jedna věc je, když se snažíte zajetá pravidla žánru omladit a jiná, když je z gruntu překopete vlastním, neuvěřitelně pochybným, nápadem. Nuda a stereotyp se pak dostaví docela rychle - o všudypřítomných technických problémech nemluvě.
40 (Jun 21, 2012)
Krater is een teleurstelling. De game heeft de sfeer en de potentie om een uitstekende strategie-RPG te zijn, maar mist de basisaspecten van een goede game. Krater is vaak niet eens leuk om te spelen.
Edge (Aug 29, 2012)
Krater is a solid foundation for a Diablo-type RPG, and one that will hopefully come into its own as the forthcoming DLC adds more features, more variety, and more goodies. In its current state, though, it’s a long, repetitive grind that fails to reward your efforts. Genuine charm and humour carry it far more than they should, but when they inevitably fade away, the fun is quick to do the same.
GameSpy (Jun 12, 2012)
It's likable. It doesn't deserve to be, but there's something about its tongue in cheek spirit, the smoothness of its combat and the ease of its grind that makes it at least tolerable enough to finish -- if not look forward to the next chapter. In another year, it could even have been an entertaining reminder of why hacking and slashing is fun. Faced with the choice between it and two high-profile champions of the genre though, there's absolutely no reason to head here for your next hit of leveling and looting.
With a few more months of polish and some refinements to its design, Krater could have been a decent—maybe even good—action-RPG. In spite of all the glaring flaws, there are some solid ideas here, and that makes the half-baked execution all the more disappointing. In the end, the game is just too sloppy and forgettable to warrant a recommendation, even for the most diehard genre fans.
20 (Jun 15, 2012)
Faire un Diablo-like, c'est bien plus compliqué que ça en a l'air. Je pense sincèrement que les gens de Fatshark ont fait ce qu'ils ont pu pour trouver un nouvel angle, mais ils se sont vautrés, purement et simplement. Contrôle de trois personnages ; RPG-action pauvre en compétences et customisation ; système d'évolution d'équipe frustrant... Le reste de la réalisation qui achèvera les plus coriaces. Fausses bonnes idées et manque de moyen ne font pas bon ménage.
Quarter to Three (Jun 15, 2012)
You don’t need a AAA budget to make a great action RPG, or even just a fascinating action RPG. Instead, you need an appreciation for what makes the genre tick: the hack, the slash, the loot, the character leveling, the variety, the exploration, the calculus of risk/reward, the sense of personal investment. There’s a reason so many of us are clicking so obsessively through Diablo III, and it’s not just because it’s a pretty game. The best action RPGs are carefully calculated to go directly from the lizard brain to the index finger. Krater, an action RPG from a small Swedish studio, instead meanders, gets lost, and ends up in a quiet cul de sac somewhere around the cerebellum.