KrissX Credits


Published in partnership withRegolith Games and Blitz 1UP

Regolith Team

ConceptAndrew Docking
DesignAndrew Docking
ProgrammingAndrew Docking
ArtMogens Skjold Overbeck, Andrew Docking
MusicJames Barnard
Regolith Games Special ThanksAbby Docking

Blitz 1UP Team

ProductionChris Swan, Neil Holmes
Production AssistanceDaniel Brock
Publishing AssistanceKory Vandenberg
ArtOwen Williams
QANick Scurr, Chris Cambridge, Michael Rogers


PR ManagerNatalie Griffith
Media and Graphics ManagerAlex Bowden
Assistant PR ManagerDebbie Henderson
Graphic DesignSteven Whitfield, Paolo Parrucci
Web DevelopmentThomas Digby
Flash DevelopmentAnya Massey
Vocal ArtistsLucy Callender, Oliver Clark
Audio SupportMatt Black
Blitz Special ThanksPhilip Oliver (CEO), Andrew Oliver (CTO), Richard Smithies (CFO)

Legal Information

KrissX® is a registered trademark of Blitz Games Studios Limited. ©2010 Blitz Games Studios, its logo and slogans are copyright Blitz Games Studios Limited. Blitz 1UP, an initiative from Blitz Games Studios Limited. Regolith Games, its logo and slogans are copyright Regolith Games. This product includes portions of the PopCap Games Framework ( All other logos are copyright of their respective owners., This product contains software technology licensed from GameSpy Industries, Inc. © 1999-2010 GameSpy Industries, Inc. GameSpy and the , Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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Credits for this game were contributed by Macs Black (80155)