La Croix Pan Credits (Windows)

La Croix Pan Windows Introduction sequence


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La Croix Pan Credits


IdeaJoshua Nuernberger (TheJBurger)
GraphicsJoshua Nuernberger (TheJBurger)
AnimationJoshua Nuernberger (TheJBurger)
ScriptingJoshua Nuernberger (TheJBurger)
DesignJoshua Nuernberger (TheJBurger)
SoundAmerica's Army, The Internet
MusicNick Dangerous, Steel Drummer
Beta TestingVincent Wesselmann (VinceXII), Luke Simpson (Erenan), Nick Dangerous, Seanu, Steel Drummer
Flashlight Plugin byAVO
CharacterRegionSounds byStrazer
Credits Module byAndrew MacCormack (SSH)
AGS Engine byChris Jones

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