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Lander Credits

The Lander Team

Art DirectorCarl Dalton
Art TeamSue Jones, Pete Burrows, Beverley Bright, Stuart Jennet, Geoff Clowes, Claudia Gray, Lloyd Sutton, Sucha Singh
Art PrototypingSue Jones, Murti A. Schofield
High resolution and FMVMatt Wood
DesignersChun Wah Kong, Nigel Kershaw (Pig)
MusicRik Ede
Sound EffectsJonathon Colling (creditted as Jonathan Colling)
Film Music & Sound EffectsRik Ede
Music LiaisonEmma Quinn

The Manchester Studio Management Team

Studio ManagerSteve Morris
Art DirectorNeil Thompson
Head ProducerDean Margerison
Head ProgrammerPaul Frewin
Executive ProducerFeargus Carroll (credited as Feargus Carroll)
Project ManagerDavid Nicholson
Office ManagerAmanda Armer-Petrie
Network ManagerShazia Alam

The Marketing Team

Product Development ManagersDawn Paine, Claire Garvie
Product ManagersLorna Owen (UK), Erik Marie Bion (France), Jane Hickey (International), Michael Buss (Germany), Doug Sherman (US)
PR ManagersGary Nichols (UK), Glen O'Connell (UK), Benoite Lavie (France), John Walsh (International), Michael Paul (Germany), Dana Oertell (US)
Central PRAlison Fennah
Manual TextDamon Fairclough
PackagingMatt Marsden
Manual DesignMatt Marsden

With Thanks To

DVD AuthoringThe One
EditingEditz, Dolby Laboratories Inc.[], John Cowling (Dolby Labs), Bill Arnet ([email protected]
Tannery Sound InstallationChris Haffnell
Voice ArtistJayne Dowell
CreditsChris Lavoie, Steve Gilbert
Soundtrack available
... in fond memory of the Manchester Studio and all who sailed in her ...Dedicated to good times

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